China Securities Regulatory Commission to negotiate the listing of small and medium commercial banks quickchm

Small and medium sized commercial banks listed securities China talks: it should accord with the regulatory requirements of the banking sector – Beijing, China News Agency, Beijing (reporter Chen Kangliang) in September 9, aiming at the problem of small and medium-sized banks concern listed, China Commission spokesman Deng Ge said in Beijing on 9, the Commission will further strengthen the banking supervision and supervision department cooperation, will meet the regulatory requirements of the banking sector as a precondition for issuing and listing. At the same time, in strict accordance with the statutory conditions for the issuance and listing of audit checks, smooth and orderly release of small and medium commercial banks listed on the work of a mature one launched. Recently, the Bank of Jiangsu, Bank of Guiyang and other small and medium-sized commercial banks have been listed on the stock exchange, there are some small and medium-sized commercial banks have been published in the prospectus, the Bank of Hangzhou, Bank of Shanghai also has passed the trial will be issued upon approval, allowing investors to potentially suck when entering the stock market to pay more and more attention to the big gold ". In 2007, Nanjing commercial bank, Beijing bank, Ningbo Bank of China in the A stock market listing, for small and medium-sized commercial banks to do a useful exploration, has accumulated some experience, but in the process also reflects the problems of non-standard executive and employee stock ownership. To this end, in August 2010, China’s Ministry of Finance and other ministries jointly announced the implementation of the norms on the financial sector employee stock ownership notice, the small and medium sized commercial banks to regulate employee stock ownership. In order to help support the issuance of small and medium commercial banks listed, but also conducive to the prevention of risk, the Commission has been in communication with the banking regulatory authorities to coordinate the establishment of a corresponding regulatory cooperation mechanism. Since May 2015, the small and medium-sized commercial banks to issue the audit work, has been approved by the Bank of Jiangsu, Guizhou bank, Wuxi agricultural firms, Jiangyin agricultural firms and agricultural firms in Changshu stock public offering application." Deng Ge said. He further pointed out that the issue of small and medium commercial banks listed is indeed different from ordinary industrial and commercial enterprises, raising funds is not directly used for investment in fixed assets or technological transformation projects. However, the fund is the blood of enterprise production and operation, the development of industrial and commercial enterprises can not be separated from the bank’s loan support. Small and medium sized commercial banks listed on the stock market, to supplement core capital, improve the steady operation and self-development capacity, improve the structure of assets and liabilities, enhance the lending capacity, as more small and micro enterprise production and management provide much-needed funds and innovative entrepreneurial enterprises, reduce financing costs, the whole society to stimulate innovation and entrepreneurial activity, support supply side reforms, service the development of the real economy. In addition, Deng Ge also stressed that the Commission will as in the past the strict supervision of commercial banks, including small and medium-sized enterprises listing behavior during the audit and issue after the listing, IPO companies have found suspected illegal activities, discovered, investigated and dealt with, resolutely combat, maintaining a fair and stable market environment. (end)相关的主题文章:

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Tax reform program has been completed by the experts did not see the contents of the study – Sohu ne

Tax reform program has been completed by the experts did not see the contents of the study – Sohu news from October 24th to 27, the eighteenth session of the Central Committee held a plenary session of the sixth. The meeting decided to convene the second half of next year nineteen. The market believes that the tax reform in the span of the four "Five Year Plan", in the "big nineteen" meeting or there will be new progress. "China business newspaper" reporter was informed that the Ministry of finance has completed a tax reform bill, but did not plan to seek the views of the public, the experts had participated in the research program also did not see the content. However, the tax rate for the reform of the tax rate, the deduction factor, the family declaration and other content, has been a hot social concern. During the two sessions this year, the Minister of finance Lou Jiwei said that the combination of tax reform program has been submitted to the State Council, according to the plan will be submitted to the National People’s Congress this year. In the first half of this year, the State Administration of Taxation has also organized a team of experts to carry out field research across the country, a comprehensive investigation of the technical conditions of the tax investigation. "Despite the comprehensive technology for collection of personal income tax system still needs a lot of facilities, perfect information management system of the difficulties involved, but can not solve these problems and, with the reform of the technical conditions of tax will be guaranteed." Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Institute of finance strategy researcher Zhang Bin had said in an interview. In fact, as early as 1996 for the "95" plan, the state will clearly establish coverage of all personal income classification and comprehensive combination of personal income tax system ", after the" fifteen "plan," 11th Five-Year "," 12th Five-Year "planning and planning are also clearly put forward the direction of the reform of tax, and reiterated the need to efforts to promote this reform. However, after four years of the plan, although the tax adjustment after several adjustments, but it has not been completed in. In this regard, Shi Zhengwen, director of the center for fiscal and taxation law research center of China University of Political Science and Law believes that the classification and integration of the individual income tax system, the current income is not integrated information networking, to bring problems. Accelerate the establishment and improvement of personal income and property information system, is a prerequisite for the realization of a comprehensive collection and management." He said. Lou Jiwei also said that the comprehensive income includes a large amount of information needed to support the special support, including children’s education and vocational education, family support and other factors should be taken into account, the need to step by step reform. It is understood that the scope of individual income tax in China has 11 categories, including income from wages and salaries; individual industrial and commercial households, income of enterprises; income from contracted or leased operation income; remuneration; remuneration income; income from royalties; interest, dividends and bonuses; lease of property income from property transfer;; incidental income; other taxable income as determined by the financial department of the state council. Zhang Bin believes that the combination of comprehensive and classification system, means that the tax authorities must directly face the natural person to accept a large number of tax, personal tax, the tax cost increase at the same time, also put forward higher requirements on the administration ability. "The tax authorities need to audit and discriminate the taxpayer’s declaration. To build and finish.相关的主题文章: