69NBF Japanese inflation is still in the doldrums CPI sixth consecutive months of decline|NBF Japanese inflation is still in the doldrums CPI sixth consecutive months of decline0

NBF: Japan CPI inflation is still in the doldrums for sixth consecutive months of decline in early trading today, the Federal Reserve Chairman Yellen spoke again, she said, if the future of the U.S. economic recession, the Fed can help by buying stocks and bonds. Yellen said that the current problem is not urgent, and pointed out that the current law prohibits the fed to buy corporate bonds. But she also said that if the purchase of government bonds and other security assets reached the limit, the Fed’s existing initiatives are not enough to suppress the recession. Early Japanese data show that in August Japan’s core consumer price index (CPI) over the same period last year fell 0.5%. Japan’s CPI fell for sixth consecutive months in August, putting pressure on the Bank of Japan [micro-blog] to do more to boost inflation. The figure excludes food prices, but includes energy prices, consistent with Nikkei economists’ expectations. After excluding energy prices, core CPI rose 0.2% over the same period last year, still recorded the lowest growth rate in the past three years. In addition, August household spending fell by 4.6% per annum, the former value decreased by 0.5%, is expected to decline 2.2% decline in the six consecutive month of data. Japan 8 seasonally adjusted unemployment rate was 3.1%, the unemployment rate in July was $3%, the market is expected to be 3%. The dollar yen on the daily chart, the dollar yen is still running in the downlink channel, the 50 day moving average, 100 day and 200 day moving averages are down, and the exchange rate pressure below the 50 day moving average, short-term downward pressure is still large, the MACD green energy column steady, RSI has acted like but still below 50, because the Bank of Japan may consider the yen, so the 100 mark is still the exchange rate strong support, overall, the exchange rate of short-term stock continues to shock, not jiancang. The 1 hour chart, USDJPY pulled up 60 points in the disc short-term, rapid decline in the downlink channel rail is blocked, the exchange rate has been Bollinger on track, on average 50 hours in average 100 hours and 200 hours moving average, MACD around the 0 axis, RSI up to 58, the exchange rate has a short-term upward momentum above the target level of 101.82. Sina’s statement: sina.com.cn posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description. This article is for reference only and does not constitute investment advice. Investors operate accordingly, the risk of their own.

20Decoration in love will be more excellent new Tezi|Decoration in love will be more excellent new Tezi8

"Decoration" love better to have new Tezi FAW Mazda’s new flagship model, a Tezi CX-4 following second Mazda 6.5 generation models. With the evolution of the soul movement design, the evolution of the blue sky technology, a new interior design, more advanced technology, such as configuration. 75 major innovations, so that it shows a dynamic elegant charm of the shape, rich in leading extraordinary technology, passion and comfort of driving control of the three core values. With the change of consumer demand for young people, senior car sport has gradually become a new choice of more consumers, a Tezi new arrival, is promoting the further development of this trend. Especially the three value of its own, fully expose the young people to forge ahead and full of fashion personality, know how to enjoy life and practical attitude. In just 10 days this month, the new listed Tezi price is only 17.58-23.58 million yuan, including 2.0L and 2.5L two displacement of 6 models. The substantial increase beyond the mainstream B level car new standard equipment standard, fully demonstrated the new Tezi has gradually to luxury towards more excellent products strength. A new dynamic model, it is difficult to resist the elegant new design a Tezi will design soul again, simple atmosphere elegant style makes sense of speed, strength and aesthetic sense of communion, to create the unique charm of the show will face strong domineering. Five point type chrome grille, and stereo "soul logo wings" and the 6.5 generation product details of the design, based on strengthening the original Tezi movement style, more calm. Especially, the whole system comes standard with LED "scorpion eye headlights and taillights with new type LED group, half day LED lights and front fog lamps, makes the visual effect more sense of movement and power. Three an individual body side of the waist is gorgeous new product features unique in Tezi, give a person with full of vitality and streamline beauty of sense of speed at the same time, also highlights the car as a high-end position of Mazda flagship model, the occupants can be more intuitive to feel the new comprehensive upgrade of luxurious texture and strong the product value. The quality of the new Hwan interior, more luxurious exquisite craftsmanship of the interior will be comprehensive Hwan new upgraded Tezi, through the details of the re shape and design of the layout of the car and the use of high-grade materials, created a par luxury brand strong product texture. New car steering wheel from the design of the craftsman, the use of imported Italy head leather package, so that drivers in the visual and tactile experience can feel more advanced quality. Integrated navigation, cruise control, speed and other information as one of the Active Driving Display advanced head up display system, with adjustable seat angle can reduce driver fatigue, improve traffic safety, build the safety level concept of human nature "cockpit". The new organ type central cup frame cover and the integrated design of the central control knob set, elegant design sense and convenient practical, but also add a lot of new luxury Tezi interiors. The top of the console platform, and the doors were on both sides with soft material.