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The central bank to restart the 14 day repo market by surprise reducing the probability of quasi – Sohu financial liquidity management declined slightly changed in the central bank after half a year later, the resumption of the 14 day repo, let the market by surprise, the interest rate market and the bond market are obvious reaction, the cost of capital appears rise, rose 24, such as multiple Shibor the interest rate term, ROO1 (inter-bank market repo, 1 days) on the morning of 24 price was as high as 2.7076%, after 3 pm is down to around 2.1%. The central bank’s main purpose is to reduce the fluctuations in the financial side, stable capital, at the same time, the central bank increased the flexibility of open market operations, to avoid the liquidity squeeze down passive signal to release the statutory reserve rate policy easing. Analysis of the industry, does not rule out the future of the central bank in the operation of the repurchase period will continue to be extended to 28 days, then the cost of capital (money market weighted average price) will rise further. Newspaper reporter Yang Zhijin Beijing reported six months later, the people’s Bank of China to restart the 14 day repurchase. August 24th, the central bank open market 50 billion and 14 days reverse repurchase operation, the interest rate of 2.4%, unchanged from the previous. The last time the central bank launched a 14 day repurchase operations in February 6th this year. " reverse repurchase period of 14 days a little longer, the purpose of the central bank is mainly to reduce the volatility of the capital side, smooth capital. " one was in the open market operation room had a market on twenty-first Century Economic Herald reporter said, " the 7 day period of short duration, due to face many problems and the sequel sequel, likely to cause fluctuations. " there are unnamed traders on twenty-first Century Economic Herald reporter said, do not rule out the central bank in the future will continue to lengthen the operation of reverse repurchase period to 28 days, then the cost of capital (money market weighted average price) will rise further. 14 days of reverse repo or will start to cut interest rates and other quasi monetary policy operation. Guotai Junan (18.410, 0, 0%) fixed income analyst Xu Hanfei said that the central bank to increase the 14 day repurchase operation, apparently in order to increase the central bank’s open market operation flexibility, avoid tight liquidity in the passive down signal to release the easing of the statutory reserve rate. The rise in the cost of capital is an open market operation of the central bank’s monetary base, the main monetary policy tool to regulate market liquidity, which is divided into reverse repurchase and repurchase. The central bank to provide liquidity to the market through reverse repurchase operations covering 7 days, 14 days, January, March, and other multiple deadlines. One of the most used tools of the central bank is 7 days reverse repurchase. The central bank recently used 14 days reverse repo this tool before and after the Spring Festival this year (February 2nd to February 6th), a total of 5 days put the liquidity of 340 billion. At that time the central bank for a stable exchange rate considerations, did not take measures to reduce the quasi market liquidity, but the use of MLF and increase the reverse repo way. August 24th, the central bank to restart the 14 day operation. Day, the central bank to carry out 900.相关的主题文章:

I will drink a soup of liver cancer diabetes liver _ Sina health _ mushroom-ca1810

I will drink a soup of liver cancer

diabetes liver | _ Sina health _ mushroom mushroom soup cooking fresh scent and flavor color collocation, with heat and spleen qi, calming the liver, reducing blood pressure and other effects, is heat cured good food Jiapin Jieshu summer. The specific measures are as follows, fresh mushrooms 200 grams, shepherd’s purse 50 grams, 50 grams of lean pork, ginger, salt, olive oil amount. Mushroom slices, mustard wash cut, ginger shred, pork chop at the end. Take the amount of water into the casserole, add ginger, boil, add a small amount of olive oil, pour mushroom slices, simmer for 2 minutes; remove the cover and add the minced meat and cooked, shepherd’s purse, plus a small amount of salt. TCM believes that with mushroom removing heat, spleen qi, clearing heat, bloodpressur. Mushrooms are rich in vitamin C, can prevent bleeding gums, promote wound healing, but also promote the absorption of iron, nourishing qi; potassium and magnesium, selenium and other mineral elements in straw is higher, can promote the body immunity; in addition The new supersedes the old., mushroom in the dietary fiber can slow the body’s absorption of sugar, the rapid rise in blood sugar inhibition of postprandial, is a good food for diabetics. Pickpurse there is heat and spleen, and water swelling effect. The content of C in the shepherd’s purse is still higher than citrus, calcium, potassium and iron levels were more than 5 times of Chinese cabbage, much higher than ordinary vegetables, rich in minerals can improve physical function, blood and bones, to keep the vitality of the young. In addition, Shepherdspurse also contains large amounts of crude fiber and flavonoids, can reduce blood fat, protect the cardiovascular, cancer, and inhibit the absorption of poison, poison eduction in promoting liver metabolism, protecting liver. * (Associate Professor of nutrition and food research center of Third Military Medical University, Chang Hui)相关的主题文章:

National Day sprouting cargo squirrel popular tens of thousands of tourists visited Changsha, a

The National Day among the tens of thousands of tourists visit the popular goods adorable squirrel Changsha a squirrel Valley original title: National Day holiday adorable goods of tens of thousands of tourists visit Wangcheng bright red squirrel squirrel Valley Changsha net news October 7th National Day holiday, the mountains all outside, many tourists choose a new travel experience: with more than 2000 adorable goods squirrel fun date. Changsha, a squirrel Valley, although the May Day opening of the new scenic spots, but has ushered in the peak during the national day of visitors, by the blitz. Scenic responsible person, during the national day of the squirrel Valley popular public favorite, daily parking is more intense, especially in 3, 4, 5, 6, passenger flow peak, single day traffic breakthrough 6000 passengers, 35 thousand passengers were tourists during the national day. During the national day, the squirrel Valley carried out 3D exhibition, photography contest, diplomatic note, WeChat send tickets and other activities, so that visitors to participate in interactive play at the same time, sightseeing, received praise. The squirrel Valley Theme Park is located in Wangcheng District, Changsha Bai Ruo town Guangming Village, covers an area of 300 acres, is the first theme of the squirrel, squirrel elements into the whole scenic and cultural theme park. Park to the parent-child interaction highlights, will mix elements of the organic whole squirrel throughout the tour route, there are a variety of more than 2000 varieties only squirrels, lovely ones, very suitable for funny photo. At the same time, the park also features drift karting, children’s inflatable castle, jungle adventure, Jones Rose Sea, holiday villa, leisure bamboo and other recreational facilities, is a set of eco-tourism, parent-child interaction, leisure, science education, the original ecological health care as the main function of the tourist attractions. (red net reporter Yang Yang)相关的主题文章: