100 entry-level cake, baked white also zero failure – and Sohu icesword

100 entry-level cake, baked white also said – Sohu and zero failure if what is not happy, eat sweets will be good! So when you are in a bad mood to a cake bar ~ ~ or a friend’s birthday or wish to express the blessing can be put into use! Many people feel that the cake is very difficult, in fact, as long as there is a detailed formula, it is not so difficult to Oh ~ not to mention no oven can do cake, mousse cake, mango cake? By with fish ingredients · · 250g

pastry milk sugar 30g | corn starch 30g 4 | egg (three egg yolk and a butter cream

) 20g 450g 55g | young sugar vanilla | with mango pulp | 350g low powder (crust) | 50g · · 1; practice; the milk into the container, low gluten flour, corn starch and sugar mixture, will the flour sieve into the milk, whisk together with hand. 2 three full one egg yolk into the bowl, hand mixer bowl wall paste, egg will. The 3 step will mix the good egg batter slowly pour the liquid, stir well. 4 until all pour, sieve, sieve the flour, knife gently scraping into the batter, batter evenly delicate. 5 butter dice, heat water to melt. 6 take a little after sieving the batter into butter, stir well. Then after mixing emulsifying butter batter into the remaining batter, mix well, standing for half an hour. 7 in a non stick pan, with small fire heating for a moment, then take the right amount of batter spoon into the pot, the pot holding Akira batter by hand, spread. 8 small fry the batter off; sequentially forming, make all the cake skin, wrapped in cold storage after half an hour. 9 mango peeled and cut into pieces after nuclear preparation; light cream into a clean basin, add sugar and vanilla extract after the first low speed after the transfer. 10 remove the chilled crust, a tear. At the bottom of the 8 inch round a crust, tails. 11 put on some whipped cream. Cover with a piece of pie, the cream evenly distributed surface flattening. Repeat this action two times. 12 the cream into the pastry bag, cut the mouth, the way to draw a circle into cream. Evenly placed in mango pulp. 13 squeeze cream, smooth, cover with a piece of pie. 14 repeat steps 11 and 12. Layer 1, until the end of all the cake skin, full mold. 15 into the refrigerator half an hour to finalize the mold; the bottom of the mold tray, a layer of cake upside down, take off the mold. Japanese Fufa Shu?相关的主题文章: