11 9 NBA Kuangzhuan 610% cannon! Let the football draw singled out high compensation xpphone

11 9 NBA Kuangzhuan 610% cannon! Let the football draw singled out high compensation harden three double enemy cannon brave! NBA today the end of the 11 game of the competition, small smart heroics had to hit 9, high degree of difficulty to predict, hit rate of 81.8%, a single play Kuangzhuan 610%! I believe a lot of support small friends had been dazzled by it so powerful record. [small NBA + + ball let the Spurs win! Tomorrow forecast Knight warrior 5 field basketball lottery play a long time so welcomed by the lottery, but its more difficult than the winning play, because the two teams in the division will make it more close, whirling. But the small NBA by virtue of their strong data analysis ability, always seem to clouds zhandexianji. When the Rockets, Lakers and Clippers, eagles, Toronto, Miami, the Celtics 9 team was in full swing when they think of the final result already "know small". Even if included two bucks, wizards after losing 9 games to play from the small single can still profit 610%, while 81.8% of the hit rate of official and Gambling company will presumably fear "". Small as we recently so distracted quasi mentioned before: the more the focus of competition, more small! If a single from the focus sessions, today a no doubt NBA’s greatest concern is the Spurs against the rockets. Just 3 days before the Rockets away from the Spurs beat the Spurs, sending his opponent at home to the 3 consecutive defeat, spurs home record for up to 14 years was broken up to the end of the year, the team was able to play the game, and the team was defeated by the Lakers’ home team in the past 2 years. The rocket away fierce battles, spurs the new season once again proved this point, the 4 quarter always suppress the rocket, and ultimately to 106-100 away revenge. The cannon for control of the game is extremely accurate, regardless of the outcome, or let the size, all the hits of the two branch shows its excellent insight into the western powers. The VS three rocket cannon Spurs play against pelicans, as far as the Lakers 76 against the hawks and raptors against Nicks and other small focus sessions, let all in prediction and outcome. Even if the eyebrows brother again guards 76, again fierce counterattack, also did not escape small intelligence. Today, NBA harvest, football victories also won’t be let. Yesterday, Italy and Spain Welsh three World Cup 9 games, hit 8 guns, including 1 / 3.30 challenged Welsh drew. While in the previous, small fans also found a small state law: whether good or not, the Yankees are often more accurate prediction! This law has been verified again. 3 full play in Spain small prediction! Small Welsh singled out draw high compensation hit Italy wins + let the ball tomorrow NBA will attack small Knight warrior, has been fully equipped for in good condition on the basis of today. And to us, the most exciting day is not good or bad results, but the infinite growth ability. I believe that with the cumulative game data, the small database is more abundant, the foreseeable future, prediction accuracy will also be upgraded to an amazing degree. [see small intelligent prediction NBA]相关的主题文章: