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200 thousand class 7 seat SUV GS8 recommended a green hand odds geometry? In recent years, SUV in the car in the heat is rising, no matter that everyone wants to have his own SUV models. For the second child family, 7 models has become a necessary choice of the family just need to travel. Xiao Bian also 13 Highlander (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) owners, practical know seven big space. Today we bring the 200 thousand class 7 seat SUV recommended, they are: GAC trumpchi GS8, Hyundai Santafe, MITSUBISHI outlander and Harvard H9 (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) four models. The new GAC trumpchi GS8 2.4i highlights show – GAC trumpchi GS8 official price: 163 thousand and 800 yuan -25.98 yuan has not embarked on the development of independent brands of luxury cars, but the GAC trumpchi GS8 to become the first choice of the first person to eat crab. This model not only in appearance to maintain a high degree of the original, more in the interior texture under the foot work, many people are too busy to attend to all black technology. But as the old Highlander owners, Xiao Bian still find a lot of similar shadow. Recommended reason: GS8 is like the old and new Highlander fit + optimization if this price can buy a car hanging trumpchi logo Highlander, I will not hesitate to say that I am willing to. GS8 in body size and 13 Highlander is really like, even in the back of the cup frame layout are strikingly similar. So the question is, if this is really the new and old Highlander self fit version, would you like to start? Recommended reason two: GS8 is full of black technology, although many of the car groups do not pay attention to the car technology, but this does not hinder the GS8 car technology to do very well. GS8 has a In-joy system support, remote control, mobile phone wireless charging, three screen Internet functions, one of the most unusual or remote control function, the vehicles can be started by installing the APP mobile phone remote ignition control, seat heating ventilation, whistle alarm, back to open the windows open, intelligent air conditioning system and etc. set the function to achieve the interconnection, mobile phone and car function more closely, the industry is in black technology configuration. Recommended reason three: a good space for the performance of the space in the domestic market is about life and death, GS8 at this point to get the score is definitely no worse than the same level models. If you want me to give a point, I can give 95 points, and the remaining 5 minutes afraid of its pride. General comments: once listed in the GS4 when I feel like this is the price of the car, after the listing of the GS8 I also think so. If you don’t look at the logo, how much do you think the car is worth? 400 thousand or 500 thousand? Anyway I’m not to associate the price of hundreds of thousands. The GS8 interested friends may wish to drive it, take a look at this car in your heart how much value. The modern new Shengda (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) official price: 21.98-31.18 million is very subjective, modern car in recent years are very beautiful, this is also to cater to the Korean yen value control. Ix35 sales continued to go high.相关的主题文章: