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22 years ago she was abandoned by the United States for adoption today for Thanksgiving and tracing with parents to meet, I would like to express thanks, also want to ask for my birthday, my childhood story. I want to see them. Cao Haofei September 19th morning, Tiantan Park in front of the police station, the police took Hou Xiangwei’s arm. 22 years ago, Hou Xiangwei received a public warning, from the east side of the South Gate of the park a cypress tree, will be abandoned. Hold back. Fifi childhood 22 years ago she was abandoned by the parents today for Thanksgiving and tracing 22 years ago in Tiantan Park, a cypress tree, Hou Xiangwei police picked up the little girl, the little hands wrapped in white gauze so that he was very worried about. 22 years later, the police station door, when the young girl stretched out incomplete right hand, is on Hou Xiangwei instantly reminds me to pick up the abandoned baby scene. Now, the old abandoned, 23 year old Fifi back when separated from their relatives in place, with the help of the police, open the search path. Foster grew up in America, China love culture in the orphanage for 5 years, the girl with the name, because it is found in the Tiantan Park, the orphanage "day" "day" as the "Ho" name, Cao Haofei, nicknamed fifi. Because of scald overweight, finger muscle necrosis and Fifi made finger amputation. At the age of 7 and a half, adoptive parents from the United States will be taken away fifi. After growing up, Feifei often recalled the welfare of the day, full of joy and warmth. By the time of adoption, Fifi and two buddy at the same time by 3 American families took. In Texas, Fifi joined the parents of a family of four living. Fifi said, 22 years engaged in special industries and foster mother play the band never let feel adopted unspeakable. Three children received the same education and care, no one would deliberately avoided her life, even when people ask why and Fifi home in siblings look like, Fifi had joked, "because they are adopted!" I remember childhood outstanding achievements, the father said, if parents know that she is so good, should also be very happy! That summer at the age of 15, a cultural tour let love travel every summer since then fell in love with Chinese Fifi, Fifi, will help to domestic welfare. From the love of China culture, two years ago, Fifi decided to temporarily graduated from the University of Beijing to study Chinese, said of his decision, parents expressed absolute support, last Christmas, Father also went to Beijing to visit. Back to the Chinese Fifi quickly adapts to the environment of the motherland, strong spicy dishes let her linger. In Beijing two years, Fifi self-reliance, hard, Chinese level progress very quickly. Although the right is not complete, but she is skilled at writing with a pen, chopsticks, also self "ukulele" (Hawaii four stringed plucked instrument). A month ago, Fifi met China boyfriend, to let the communication barrier, the two agreed together one day a day to speak English speak chinese. Although the sun of life and beautiful, but in the hearts of Fifi to find his parents, the desire has never been shelved. The loss of Pro cypress baby was brought into the police station on March 17, 1994 afternoon, the alarm telephone is the police on duty Hou Xiangwei received a high school student, said Tiantan Park East gate.相关的主题文章: