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3 year old baby spent on English training class, really can learn English well in? 3 year old mother Shanshan – Sohu, recently she wanted to mother was on English training worry. Shan Shan is the public kindergarten, not English class, look around Shan Shan and the children of the same age, or bilingual kindergarten, or training on the outside, my mother worried that if Shan Shan does not learn, and other children will be increasing the gap. I began to understand the mother side English training institutions do not understand the situation, do not know, understand, her mother began to make Meng, English institutions of every hue too much, the tuition per semester 20 thousand + frivolous, look at the profile and charges her collection of Shanghai English training institutions: EF teens teacher: an hour in an hour to teach foreign teachers, the teaching English. For age: 3-18 years old course price: 14800 school year, a time of 2 hours of Disney English teachers: a foreign teacher with a teaching assistant, foreign teachers. According to the age: 2-12 price: 21988 year course, a 2.5 hour International Education: foreign teacher Wallace case’s teaching, the interactive teaching environment for English age: 4-18 price: 20000 year course bestlearning English teachers: the whole teaching course for age: 2-12 price: 18800 year Le Ning teacher education situation: Chinese and foreign teaching, every 90 minutes, 45 minutes for the Chinese and foreign teaching age: 3-18 course price: 12800 year CTP American kids English teachers: to teach Chinese acupuncture combined with age: 3-12 years old course price: 12800 year, each class is 1.5 hours a week, two American English teachers: Coty thinking subject in For foreign teachers with age: 3-12 course price: 15800 year Aibei International Children’s English teachers: teachers in teaching assistant for + age: 3-12 course price: 16800 year, two times a week or a weekend Wiebe happy bean English teacher for kids situation: teachers teach combination for age: 3-12 course price the 13600 year: little Earth children English teachers: to teach Chinese with age: 3-12 years course price: 13800 year subject: English teachers teach according to the age: 3-18 course price: about 25 thousand year giraffe English foreign: foreign teaching, teachers teach in a week a week according to the age: 3- The 12 year old course price: 18000 / 3 hours a year: teachers teach mainly in kidcastle for age: 3-17 course price.相关的主题文章: