3D from the Mobile Games beta today Victoria Song singing the theme song MV exposure (video) chompoo araya

"3D" from the Mobile Games beta today Victoria Song singing the theme song MV exposure by singing, climbing Road, a day. Endorsement by Victoria Song power, Chen Dong and licensed producer, perfect world (micro-blog) bloody Xianlu million people from the 3D Mobile Games cultivation "hegemony", in the morning 11 points, a trend to open the whole Kowloon pull coffin platform beta! Mobile Games theme song "Kowloon tactic" MV will synchronize broadcast, in addition, during the beta log in the game can also harvest multiple surprises, Chen Dong signed limited edition set set, Mobile Games custom theme surrounding, 100 yuan Jingdong card, fans exclusive custom battle pet welfare, rare orange packs and so on, the total value of 2 million 890 thousand yuan prize will be crazy distribute! Download the game immediately! "3D" from the first exposure video games [strong cast production] "the great Victoria Song interpretation of the ruthless person day theme song" 3D "Mobile Games Kowloon tactic" MV today the world’s first, strong cast production, platinum writer Chen Dong as the starting point in the title, many black Chen CI in the original authorization of gufengmusic Luan Fengming, President of CTC entertainment team is Taiwan famous music producer Chen Junting to create, sung by Victoria Song hard man, great, full interpretation of the wild ancient otherworldly boundless potential, chant the ancient fairy theme. The unique charm of the high value of Yan Song MV, tells the story of the emperor in a hard man, after remembering the past, recall the good old days of the story, the haunting sense of taste, people can not help but recall the experience in the world are those wild ancient grudges, non Men’s feelings are changeable. [multiple Hao Li surprise Victoria Song power shortdial beta] "3D cover with the other side" Mobile Games beta arrival, official synchronous firing multiple benefits to repay the majority of cultivation. During the beta, massive diamond, rare, cool battle pet vision, magic armor, magic fairy beast, emperor horse log in the game to collect; first login, to meet the conditions of the Jingdong will also receive 10 yuan card! And as the spokesperson Victoria Song will during the beta log in the game, and the game player along the road be dengdi (please pay attention to the official announcement, exclusive copy operation) "Victoria Song trial" will also be simultaneously open. Private custom voice cards, fans exclusive title, Victoria Song endorsement fashion and a lot of fans waiting for you! In addition, the official website of micro-blog, WeChat, the Associated Media and channel platform, both beta welfare distributed, as long as participation in activities that have a chance to win a prize! The ERA engine to create a high [no] Yan the cultivation of the world of the perfect world of research since the third generation ERA engine with full shape, particle effects rendering and pre baking technology, such as the day really casting unreal world, the holy city of temples, towering majestic, beautiful and quiet mountain cave lingxu p.e.e.r, Northern Wilderness, broken walls sand all over the sky, delicate scene and high complex and forward-looking design played most incisive, clearly engraved "cover" the original in the vast expanse of wild ancient world, let everyone in the game feel close to high Yan no grand cultivation big world. [multi view stereo combat violence aesthetics] "interpretation of cultivation day 3D" Mobile Games fighting performance is the core of the game features one more, break the traditional cultivation pattern Mobile Games million people, show the hegemony of the violence aesthetics cultivation, no injury combo, straightforward fighting, full of strength of pleasure multi angle.相关的主题文章: