4 year old girl suffering from leukemia biological parents after the final rejection of the 2 bone m-melia kreiling

4 year old girl suffering from leukemia parents refused 2 times after the end of May the new net – bone marrow type 27, 4 year old Mianyang District Amanda, wearing masks, sitting in the father of Yuan Tongyun, although still do not know what is the concept of death, but she is suffering from leukemia, facing the test of life and death. And her life and death, may now be in the hands of biological parents. However, in the face of parents for help, Amanda’s father Liu Tang (a pseudonym) is facing the dilemma, because Amanda is his third children, he had two children, an adult, another was still reading. Liu Tang is worried about bone marrow matching will let them know there is a sister, and he fell out. Therefore, he has refused to match the two. However, Amanda’s condition also has been his care, after all, is his own daughter. He knew that if they don’t deserve, Amanda may die. 28, Chengdu Chinese commercial news reporter was informed that the final blood relatives overcome the tangle of Liu Tang, he said he was willing to match type, but the premise is not to let the other two children know. Adopt a child four years daughter suddenly suffering from leukemia, 27 in the morning, Amanda wore masks, holding a grape fed to father Yuan Tongyun mouth, is very cute. But 4 years old, she did not know that he was suffering from severe leukemia – and Yuan Tongyun is not her biological father. Originally, 4 years ago, Yuan Tongyun’s wife Yang Hong to a hospital, district do B, just from Deyang, and a district at the junction of the wife of Liu Tang, also in the hospital to do B. The difference is that Yang Hong hopes to conceive a child, Mr. and Mrs. Liu Tang are ready to do stream of people. In the waiting process, several people chatted about the child. "Chat, they told me that this is the third, the first two daughters are pregnant, this is an unexpected pregnancy, worried about her daughter, and then want to flow. When I see Liu Tang wife has been pregnant for 5 months or so, and I was pregnant with a child, but had a miscarriage, the doctor said it is very difficult to conceive, so I immediately adopt their children." The 27 day, Yang Hong, and Liu Tang couple after discussion, the two sides decided to if you are born son, by Liu Tang couples to raise their own, if it is a daughter, "my husband adopted by Yang Hong, Yuan Tongyun also agreed, the two sides exchanged phone." In April 25, 2012, Liu Tang’s wife gave birth to a daughter. The next day, Yang Hong went to the hospital to adopt a child. The two sides agreed, no longer meet, do not disturb each other’s lives. After returning home, Yuan Tongyun named her daughter Amanda, and one family as a pearl in the palm. Since then, Yuan Tongyun shovel in money, Yang Hong at home while the grapes, while with Amanda, enjoyable for a family of three. However, happiness lasted only 4 years. In July 1st this year, Amanda was diagnosed with leukemia. Working in Anhui Yuan Tongyun has returned home, one for Amanda treatment, currently a total cost of 10 yuan, has been out of savings at home. Two parents declined bone marrow type Amanda is wearing a mask, Yuan Tongyun couples to Amanda is no longer a cold, because of poor living in rural areas, the environment, and Amanda suffering from leukemia, once the cold, difficult to cure. "Now we have two steps相关的主题文章: