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Xun Yugen: now again shock the city market there are three ways to make money Sina App: Live on-line blogger to guide the purchase of new shares: the stock market is the most simple way to pick up the money source:   strategy; Strategy Research – Haitong Xun Yu Kan core conclusion: the market into a narrow Cuncussion waiting period, expanding the range of shocks to wait the external appearance, tracking the Fed’s interest rate policy, the RMB exchange rate reform, and other variables. The market has three kinds of way to make money: earnings growth, interest rates down, risk preference, 12-13, 14, 15 years related stocks have been the performance turns again shock the city, performance is king. In the long term, the largest category of assets stock market is still a good option, short-term maintenance 11 "stable" word at the head, the operation stability, such as valuation and performance, good breeding, food, chemical and pharmaceutical etc.. The waiting period performance last week, the Shanghai Composite Index rose 1.03%, amplitude 1.64%, the gem index rose 0.56%, the amplitude of 1.36%, the market continues to narrow shocks, the SSE Composite Index in September 20th hit since the 02 year history of daily minimum amplitude. We continue to maintain a "stable" weekly September 11th word at the head point of view, the market shock into the waiting period, the operation is steady, the performance of the king. 1 wait and see the market into a narrow range of shock waiting period. Last week, the market continues to narrow shocks, September 20th SSE Composite index fluctuations up and down 12 points, the highest since the 02 year history of daily minimum amplitude. "-20160911" in the word at the head of stability we analysis pointed out that the market into a narrow range of shock period. 05 years since the Shanghai composite index monthly mean amplitude of 12.7%, Zhou Zhenfu’s historical average of 5.2%, but since April this year, the monthly mean amplitude of 5.7%, has narrowed in recent weeks, features more obvious. The market is usually observed in amplitude narrowed source into the macro background of a waiting period of 13 years and 13 months 1-5 year in October -14 year in June two amplitude narrowed, but also the macro surface into the placid calm period. This year the market volatility narrowed, but also related to changes in the structure of investors, institutional investors accounted for the rise, the market volatility decline, their turnover rate lower than retail. "Pa Pa investors chips — we report deep mining -20160909" analysis pointed out that in 16 years compared to the end of 15, institutional investors (funds, insurance, social security, private equity, brokerage, R QFII) the shareholding proportion rose 2.4 percentage points to 25%, retail fell 2.7 percentage points to 48%. In addition, the strict supervision of the market volatility narrowed, sunshine insurance holding more than 5% Yili recently after the "two" commitment, reflects the regulators of industrial capital placards is still very strict supervision. Expansion of the shock interval needs to wait for the emergence of external force. 13 years after a narrow range of fluctuations in the past 13 months, in June, the money shortage in the month of makes the monthly amplitude quickly expanded to 20%. 13 years in October -14 years after a narrow range of fluctuations in the past 9 months, in the year of July, Zhou Yongkang was placed on file for review, the market is expected to strengthen the reform, volatility began to intensify, in July the monthly amplitude increased to $8.3% in June. Future theory相关的主题文章: