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[it] first Shanghai Park tea began trial operation – Sohu and tea garden covers an area of 1200 square meters, Shanghai is the first real park type tea! Beautiful environment with nearly 20 rooms, 8 rooms and a spacious hall six corner pavilions, grape and so on for you to choose a variety of tea and coffee for your choice, and all kinds of dishes, snacks, nuts, noodles, wonton free self help meal for you to eat 5 hours free flow! Address: Yangpu District Kongjiang Road No. 1157 tea garden (Yangpu Grand Theatre building) Tel: 021-65683910 — — — — — — — — the most delicacy (zui.ms) leading the catering industry into the high-end catering for a shared economy! Free beta first! Search attention "the most delicacy membership card" (zui_ms_ka) micro signal, enjoy "the delicacy" nationwide cooperative businesses and key ordering "three free one" discount, covering four or five star hotel buffet, business packages, lobby bar, bar lounge, weekend brunch and other products. WeChat beta is now low-key on-line, immediately registered as a seed user, free experience five stars enjoy food service! Author: Kang Juan, director of the most delicious food micro signal: kjconnie Sina micro-blog: @kjconnie personal website: http: www.zui.ms view other articles相关的主题文章: