Harvest Fund Huasong Li environmental protection and low carbon industry will continue to appear on 若槻ゆうか

Harvest Fund Li Huasong: low carbon industry will continue to appear on offense – fund channel open APP, Li Huasong called an electric car to the destination. Research and investment in the field of low-carbon environmental protection, but also in the life experience of environmentally friendly low-carbon products, Li Huasong think this grassroots research is an effective way to observe the status of the development of the industry. Li Huasong is the harvest green carbon fund manager, Wind data show that as of August 19th this year, the harvest of low-carbon environmental protection to 20.1% of the performance in the 147 common stock funds. In his view, the environmental protection and low-carbon industry is an important direction of China’s economic transformation and upgrading, the bottom of the industry innovation and stock opportunities are still many, in the next few years will continue to appear in the field of environmental protection low-carbon. The dynamic valuation of environmental protection and low carbon investment in environmental protection industry low carbon environmental protection low carbon Harvest Fund, mainly to seize investment opportunities China economic transformation and upgrading. According to the State Council Development Research Center predicted, "13th Five-Year" period, Chinese green investment demand will reach 20 thousand a year to 4 trillion yuan, in the double drive policy and funding, environmental protection and low carbon field will be the first to emerge. Jiashi environmental protection and low carbon can achieve excellent results, gradually due to the growth of the value of the investment. Wind data show that as of August 17th this year, the concept of new energy vehicles rose 19.7%, with many outstanding theme plate, and new energy vehicles also harvest low carbon allocation after key field. Talking about the development prospects of low-carbon environmental protection industry, for example, Li Huasong analysis of new energy vehicles, from the beginning of last year, new energy vehicles have both policy support, a decrease of technological progress and the cost of the "quantity" of it, this year the profits of listed companies will also appear, it is advantageous for the subdivision of quality in the industry company. Jiashi environmental carbon fund management team had predicted, "13th Five-Year to 14th Five-Year ten years, environmental protection and low carbon industry will grow to two times the GDP growth rate, which means that the growth in the industry, excellent condition, if capture good texture of the enterprise, will receive a rapid growth rate. We focus on the bottom of the industry and the company’s level of research driven, research listed companies, interviews with industry experts, grassroots research and other activities, occupy our main energy." Li Huasong said, for environmental protection and low carbon industry valuation need dynamic observation, through systematic research can be found, some of the industry’s growth has been from the theme of investment into real fundamentals driven investment growth. To achieve the systematic research in the field of investment, also benefited from the strong ability of harvest. At present, environmental protection and low carbon harvest harvest fund by new energy industry research group of 6 industry researcher provides research support, the average working years of their more than six years, which is rare in the industry. Periodic overlapping growth investment characteristics of Jiashi low carbon is Li Huasong’s first public fund, his personal research, investment career has been more than 10 years. Li Huasong had 5 years of cyclical industry research experience, mainly in the iron and steel industry. In 2009, Li Huasong joined the harvest base.相关的主题文章: