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Jin Xia: RMB into the basket Chinese SDR is the reform and development of the "starting point" – Beijing, China News Agency, Washington, September 23 Xinhua (reporter Zhang Yuran) China at the International Monetary Fund (IMF) executive director Kim Xia 23 local time in Washington said not to China RMB is included in the creation of special IMF the SDR currency basket (SDR) into the basket will be complacent, Chinese the reform and development of the "starting point", rather than the end point. IMF every five years to conduct an assessment of the currency basket, completed last year in the assessment, IMF decided to bring the RMB into the SDR currency basket. The new currency basket will come into effect on October 1st this year. Jin Xia in the present day at the Brookings Institution about RMB seminar said that the RMB into the basket SDR is a major issue that has milepost sense, IMF is also advocating "new multilateralism" achievements, is committed to promoting the emerging economies in an orderly way into the global financial system. He said, in the yuan into the basket in the evaluation process, the parties reflect the construction of communication and cooperation, which is conducive to the accumulation of mutual trust and confidence, there is also a positive meaning to the long-term goal of maintaining international financial stability and the entire financial system. Jin Xia stressed that the RMB into the basket, China "will not be complacent". China is fully aware of the importance of market-oriented reforms and there is still much work to be done before it becomes a developed country. "SDR is a new starting point of RMB into the basket Chinese reform and development, rather than the end point." He said. The financial department director IMF Andrew? Teweidiben 21 June said, to promote the RMB basket preparations are on track, IMF and member states have made the corresponding preparations. The SDR is an international reserve asset created by IMF in 1969, to compensate for the lack of members of official reserves, the value of the dollar, euro, yen and Sterling consisting of a basket of currency reserve decision. (end)相关的主题文章: