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Note: pregnant life nutrition of pregnant women with fetal – maternal and child nutrition, a Sohu life on pregnant women and fetuses, 1 obesity affect the fetus if the mother is obese, obesity is also a great chance of future baby. The BMI value of a pregnant woman at the beginning of pregnancy can be used as evidence of a baby’s obesity. Overweight during pregnancy is also easy to have gestational diabetes. 2, excessive weight gain, according to the study, if the mother during pregnancy increased too much weight, the baby will be born with high body fat, and about 50% of women will exceed. Mother’s health will affect the baby’s growth and development. 3, weight gain over time to increase the weight of the time, if too long, will also affect the health of the child’s life later. The study found that in the first half of pregnancy weight gain a lot of pregnant women, the baby’s body fat will be higher than the weight of pregnant women after pregnancy. 4, pregnancy with diabetes, according to a lot of evidence, if the mother has gestational diabetes, it is easy to affect the offspring of boys under the age of 18 BMI value is too high, that is easy to obesity. 5, the pressure will also affect if the mother during pregnancy, such as the occurrence of a major event, the baby in the early adult life has a high probability of overweight. According to the Finland study, the first six months of pregnancy can also be affected if a bereavement event occurs. 6, birth weight at birth and low birth weight is too low will be linked to heart disease, stroke, type two diabetes risk. Low birth weight increases the risk of high blood pressure, while high birth weight increases the risk of obesity, according to a study in the United states. 7, the impact of dietary preferences of children’s food preferences will be affected by the mother during pregnancy diet. The researchers found that the maternal diet during pregnancy was the same as that of the children later on, especially protein and fat. 8, the impact of the early life of the immune system of nutrition can also affect the development of the immune system, as well as the risk of allergic diseases. Although many of the diseases of the immune system are genetic, genetic factors do not fully explain the immune system. 9, the environmental impact of the development of environmental factors have been shown to affect the development and function of the immune system, including the mother’s nutrition, microbial burden, as well as pollutants, such as tobacco smoke pollution. 10, the mother of allergic history mother allergic history, the child may also have allergies, and usually the mother’s allergic constitution will be more intense than the father’s allergic constitution. Two, pregnancy should avoid food processing and cold, 1 pregnant women should avoid eating cold food and not cooked, like sashimi, this kind of food is easy to bacterial breeding, or is not a new problem. Processed foods should also be avoided, since most contain too much salt and sugar. 2, during the period of pregnancy to stimulate food is best to avoid eating excitant food, because it is easy to stimulate the gastric mucosa, causing heartburn, causing gastrointestinal discomfort. In addition, fried, greasy food to avoid. 3, to avoid caffeine caffeine will affect the fetus.相关的主题文章: