NetEase 3D ATM two dimensional Mobile Games Wang ex the first test adorable bud opens today wegener肉芽肿

NetEase 3D ATM two dimensional Mobile Games "Wang EX" Adorable first test opens today by NetEase budding game agents, adorable palace to build the two dimension 3D ATM (multiplayer action strategy) Mobile Games "Wang EX" (referred to as "adorable adorable king") today opened the first test! From today until December 2nd, you can, MOE Wang EX official website () and 360, UC, millet, HUAWEI, OPPO, VIVO and other Android channel search MOE Wang download and experience the game. We quickly drag on the 35 base (Ji) friends together to open the black head, and the girls together to conquer the emperor magic bar! "Meng Wang EX" those in the stamp of your MOE MOE MOE EX as a RTS element into the action strategy of the two dimensional MOBA game, in the end what are the advantages to compete with traditional MOBA? Today, we take a look at MOE king EX what MOE players to moe point it! The history of the Imperial Emperor to house what is so cute "Adorable" Wang EX, the famous King of at all times and in all countries who have turned into a man, woman, and the woman into a man! In addition to sexual turn, MOE Wang EX also gives the corresponding characteristics of the characteristics of the Meng meng. Not only has soft sister, Lolita, even a strong woman, young teenage boy, constitute a rich and pure two dimensional world set. For example, the idol Diva Li Yu, Lolita slugger Napoleon, Yongle Ri Takeshitoyonchenxiuyoshi, to attack strong woman, Lu Chi Qing Gaozong gourmet, high cold beauty and most imperial head cute boy Wu Zetian. But don’t be fooled by their Meng (micro-blog) the other. Although the girls are adorable, but they can be orthodox inherited the real history of the emperor’s strength. Whether it is the head of the lightning war, Yongle’s navy fleet or the artillery of the Napoleon, are full of power. Our young emperor will not only cute! 2V2 opened the Black War encounter on the battlefield "CP EX" Adorable king is different from the traditional MOBA5V5 model, in the battle of innovation choice 1V1 technology flow showdown, bestie 2V2 opened the black Bureau and 3V3 routine design bureau, in accordance with the game time free choice battle mode. The 2V2 mode is "EX" Adorable King features gameplay, heroes in the game of good breeding system, is the so-called behind every successful man there is a silent support of his people, successful people all need a good friend (Ji). After all, a good method of lily! Therefore, based on the relationship between the heroes of CP, MOE Wang EX developed a unique 2v2 double competitive model. In addition to the players need to have a full understanding of the hero itself, 2v2 is a big test of the tacit understanding and cooperation between players. From the pre war hero selection, magic collocation to the battlefield in the division of labor, every link in the test with two people. Able to maneuver in soldiers line collocation + migration between hero broke out on the line and at the opposition area online reply hero is the best. Individual heroes and heroes, magic and magic through other attributes and skills in complementary or gain, up to 1+1> 2 of the target, the hero ability double play. Full 3D battlefield peep others fat times what the most hated MOE king EX~相关的主题文章: