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Easy car maintenance way tiger articles Tencent public test push oil trial heard collect the seven dragon can summon the dragon one wish! Once the story of the animation is now the way to live in the car to live in the interpretation of the real life, this is how the same thing? August 29th, the way the tiger to raise the car together with the public on the Tencent on-line measurement of the United States Department of the four major oil, a century old brand free experience. Valvoline, Chevron, bay, 3M four U.S. Department of oil product brands gathered for the first time, the Tencent can sign up to participate in the activities of users through experience by the way tiger car free car oil change maintenance service time.   after half a year more Tencent public test   genuine oil free trial way tiger car Tencent and public test programs precedents, in May of this year, the way tiger car for the first time in the Tencent will provide a public test, 12 sets of tires for users free trial. After half a year, the way tiger car again for the Tencent public test users to bring a gift, a total of 40 copies of synthetic maintenance packages, with the previous experience as the tire, the way tiger car will provide quality products and services for users.   vehicle for daily maintenance, replacement of oil filter is essential, which many owners in the choice of brand lubricants when committed, and replace the oil price is not cheap, a small market in the maintenance package price 500 yuan, the car the way tiger the trial oil can also be said to be the owner of the choice of solution as pressing danger recognized by the market, the United States Department of oil brand high degree, more important is the product with the regular manufacturers authorized, guaranteed oil product quality. The United States Department of the big four oil brings together   distinctive characteristics of excellent performance, Valvoline, Chevron Bay is well-known brands in the United States Department of oil oil brand, is the owner of trusted brand of oil. In addition, the activities of the way the tiger also joined the company’s first 3M oil products, the 4 also has a century of history, the company’s four largest U.S. Department of oil constitutes a luxury star lineup. Has 150 oil production history of the winning card in July of this year and the way tiger reached a cooperation, this activity is one of the oil Valvoline 150 anniversary special edition way tiger car oil, and the "Red Army" Manchester United’s official partner of Gulf oil launched the red oil products is a surprise by the owners love, more than two products have a very good sales in its own way tiger sales platform. The distinctive characteristics of the product to attract the eye, excellent performance has also become an important reason for the four oil selected trial product list, four synthetic oils have excellent performance in the protection of the engine, have their own strengths in the clean and high temperature, fuel consumption and other aspects, adapting the current mainstream models. According to the Tencent public test relevant person in charge, after the oil trial activities released, also carried out promotion by Tencent and Tencent car news client activity official micro signal, released the same day that more than and 200 people signed up, and as of the end of the registration, a total of 1300 Tencent.com friends to participate in the event. It is understood that the current trial list has been announced, the car will be sent to the customer service to help the user to complete the follow-up process, and trial.相关的主题文章: