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Head of the village lie 18 suites, refractive power control three missing "- View – October 13th news, Hefei City, Feixi County, a village leader Huang, while the demolition of the machine, defrauding 18 resettlement and compensation, the value of more than 400 yuan. At the same time he also abuse of power, so that people do not meet the conditions of resettlement resettlement compensation, resulting in the loss of state property more than 500 yuan. (October 13th surging News) the head of the villagers Huang took the demolition of the machine "s Variable real uncle, really let people sigh. Although the head of the village to verify the minimum qualifications authority, including verification of household registration, self built housing, but this is just to enjoy the demolition treatment "the first hurdle, the villagers can eventually implement the resettlement and further verification" to the village cadres second checkpoints, but also accept the villagers of village affairs in the supervision of "third hurdle". The village head is directly to exercise power staged "hoodwink", have to say is "lost" and "audit vulnerability" and "lack of supervision", the three "missing" caused by. "Qianlizhidi destroyed nest, head of the village of corruption, but also can be said to be" ant corruption". Visible, but that "power" is a "Rent-seeking" opportunity, whether it is or is a group of villagers Department officials, then the "right" and "control" is particularly important. Hwang is because out of control, there is no desire to control, even if it is a small demolition can be identified on the hands of tricks". However, the village cadres to the village leader "loopholes" and "pull", it is the lack of audit. As for the village cadres, the village’s population, the housing situation should have a basic understanding of the master, if it is a complex situation temporarily do not understand, it should be on these special cases were tracking. However, it is the head of the "one-sided", to do household registration and housing that is dereliction of duty. Even the basic situation of some village cadres do not understand each of the villagers, but the villagers are to understand each other, even if some young villagers do not know the neighborhood home, but the old villagers know. If the intended placement of village affairs, all the villagers are able to see that, it is a kind of supervision, if some "false data", so the villagers rely on the strength of more or less can be found in the "maoni". But the head of the village will be able to cheat a huge amount of money, visible transparency is not in place. Is the village matters wide and complicated things, to do this work, not only need the power of village cadres, but also need to mobilize the whole village power, the village cadres to self-discipline, strict examination and approval, to ensure the verification of village affairs, the villagers play supervision power, such as, together, is open and fair the security and preservation. (commissioning editor Dong Xiaowei and Wen Songhui)相关的主题文章: