Hubei red group of officials to respond to poor households do not know Thanksgiving is interpret out 姉summer

Hubei red group of officials to respond to poor households do not know Thanksgiving: interpret out of context information: Chen line a 3000 meters skydiving to promote Badong tourism side Wenhai photo Beijing November 11 Beijing Xinhua (Lv Chunrong) group of poor households do not know Thanksgiving? Recently, was friends known as the Red Net Secretary of Hubei County, Badong county Party Secretary Chen Hangjia published an article sparked controversy. He received 11 Beijing (WeChat public number: cns2012) reporter interviewed responded that the article is over interpretation, interpret out of context. In November 4th, Badong County Radio and television WeChat public, published an article written by Chen Hangjia entitled "precise poverty, self-reliance gratitude education should keep up with the" article. In this paper, Chen Hangjia pointed out that the current precise poverty exists in the work of the pain points: a small number of people do appear such mentality: "I am afraid I was poor, I am small people who I am, I pinched you play", become vexatious subtext. There are a small number of poor families to help the cadres of the home is very numb, that the cadres are more anxious than him, he does not get rid of poverty cadres can not pay, but also on the table to get rid of his signature! Since then, the media will be the "Red Net county Party Secretary Chen Hangjia:" some poor households do not know Thanksgiving, to strengthen the education of "the title reports, sometimes triggered a public hot. At the same time, as the country’s outstanding county Party Secretary Chen Hangjia, also caught in the vortex of public opinion. Supporters think, dare to speak the truth is Chen line a good cadre, "this is the actual situation of" grassroots ", there is such a group of people, is a good policy spoiled". Skeptics pointed out: the local government hopes poor psychological Thanksgiving, when officials also want to hide the feudal tail. Local officials to reflect on whether the policy design is reasonable. For a lot of controversy, 11, Chen line a in an interview with Xinhua reporter responded by saying, "the article has been over interpretation, I interpret out of context, the inconvenience to sound." Data chart. The picture shows the Hubei Badong county Party Secretary Chen Hangjia (in) Bian Wenhai photo Beijing, the reporter noted, "some poor households not only the Chen Hangjia Thanksgiving" part, the article also puts forward a lot of thinking, for the negative phenomenon of poverty alleviation work appeared such as: "this is not to blame the people, after all is that we lack of the masses education. Next, we are not out loud, but also to educate the people, guide people to self, be thankful to know somehow." In the end, Chen line a of "heads" township asked: the meeting read documents of the time a little squeeze out to the masses, open courtyard will give Wu Chang, people make some policy at the end, with the masses to talk, move, reason, teach in music, eat bitter food and clothing also let parents love, do not have the heart to find your skin at the cross. On the Internet controversy, a public opinion analyst pointed out that a county Party Secretary article in discussions of such magnitude in the field of public opinion, in addition to Chen Hangjia’s "Red Net" Secretary of the halo effect, and media factors — the part of the media to "Red Net county Party Secretary Chen for a: some poor households do not know Thanksgiving. To strengthen the education of the 8相关的主题文章: