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Ecovacs windows treasure dominate to create a full range of intelligent robot Home Furnishing technology Texun – Sohu November 18th news: 2016 double 11, in addition to domestic robot treasure strong performance, the Ecovacs robot also brought another surprise — the window cleaning robot window treasure for the user. Double 11 this year, more than 10000 sets of windows windows windows. The advent of intelligent automatic window cleaning, more users will easily solve the difficulty of window cleaning and security risks. Take the prize to get soft window window treasure treasure series is the automatic window cleaning robot robot Ecovacs original. It breaks through the limitations of manual cleaning windows, to avoid the danger of high windows, leading the new concept of window cleaning. If you use a word to describe the robot world, "Spider Man", it is certainly: winning the prize to get soft! In March 2013, W730 was awarded the degree of China window treasure home appliance Yipu Lan "Technology Innovation Award", 2015, 9 window treasure won the world’s highest award process design Germany "red dot award"; in October, won the "China good design" gold window treasure 9, at the same time window treasure 9 Department gains product design award by the Canton fair. January 2016, the window of the W950 was awarded the German iF Design Award in Germany, in March, the window of W950 was awarded the red dot award in Germany in 2016. The window won the G-Mark design award Bao W950 user demand is the most fundamental direction for Ecovacs robot, to solve the pain points the user’s needs is the most important. Whether it is sweeping the floor, or window, or other cleaning problems in family life, Ecovacs hopes to use household robot robot to solve, allowing users to enjoy intelligent life more comfortable and more convenient. Ecovacs robot always adhere to a household robot from "tool" to "house" to "the idea of a partner", into a more humanized and strengthen technological innovation at the same time, and firmly believe that the future of home robot is "objects" and "objects and people" and "people" connection center. In May 2016, the world’s first robot Butler UNIBOT release, preliminary implementation of new ideas by connecting all intelligent robots, robot joint Home Furnishing, marking the domestic robot from the "tools" has entered the stage of "steward" of the first year. Ecovacs robot has by far the world’s most complete product line of home service robot, including the ground cleaning robot to treasure, the window cleaning robot window treasure, air purifying robot Qin treasure, housekeeper robot UNIBOT; from the ground to clean high-altitude operations, build a full range of modern intelligent Home Furnishing by robots for consumers to participate in life. About Ecovacs Ecovacs robot robot development, since 1998 the focus of home service robot design, production and sales, and has a ground cleaning robot, automatic window cleaning robot window treasure treasure, air purification robot Qin treasure, housekeeper robot UNIBOT as the core of a complete product line. Ecovacs robot has always been committed to "let the global family service robot" mission, so that more people can enjoy the innovation of science and technology brings the wisdom of life! [source]相关的主题文章: