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The price of 320 yuan is still hard to get a vote of Sherlock Ang Lee – in the event of new pre-sale purchase time when the ticket queue to see "Afanda" now reproduce. New director Ang Lee "Billy? Lynn’s midfield war" will be released in November 11th, 11 in November 9th, the highest configuration version of Beijing only one can see 120 frames 4K 3D theater in Beijing Bona studios (u-town shop) to start the pre-sale for 11 days, 12 days and 13 days of movie tickets, a large number of fans rushed to the scene early booking hot scene comparable to the spring. For this event, the theater is somewhat unprepared, so many fans on the Internet Tucao, complaining theater organizations, the scene order was chaotic. Each time the purchase of 4 tickets worldwide only New York, Losangeles, Beijing, Shanghai, Taipei, the 5 theaters can display the highest configuration version of 3D 120 4K. Beijing Bona studios (u-town shop) and SFC are on sale in Shanghai studios yesterday. Beijing Bona studios (u-town shop) in November 8th announced the evening news, the ticket will start at 9 days 11. In 10, the theater has lined up, there are fans that 8 would have rushed to the cinema; there are friends in micro-blog said that as soon as possible in order to get the admission ticket, has spent 49 yuan to buy another ticket in advance approach. There are fans complain queue for 4 hours did not buy a ticket, just started not to purchase, then the limited purchase, and cut in line, chaos. For the question of whether the purchase of pre-sale, Beijing Bona studios (u-town store) the position is repeatedly change: before the Bona official micro-blog has said, "the pre-sale purchase of two per person, and not to accept private use." Subsequently, Beijing Bona studios (u-town shop) official WeChat issued pre-sale tip says, ‘limit for 1 membership cards, each time the purchase of 4 tickets for the cinema, membership was covered by the restriction measures." Special configuration of the high frame rate 3D glasses 800 yuan is 120 frames 4K 3D version of the fare is divided into several files, prime number up to 320 yuan, the most early and late times the lowest fare 180 yuan. November 9th pre-sale only 11, 12 and 13 tickets. Boehner CEOs in winter said, in order to meet the Ang Lee movie, it spent three months ago million began renovation, 120 frame 4K 3D glasses is specially configured for high frame rate 3D glasses, a pair of glasses price 800 yuan. According to the "Beijing daily" reported that the fare scheme SFC Shanghai studios announced that, according to the different viewing period is divided into 150 yuan, 180 yuan, 200 yuan price three. From the price point of view, Billy, the battle of the midfield, the fare is 4 times more expensive than ordinary movie tickets, which is related to the use of the film 4K resolution, 3D technology, as well as the 120 frame technology related. In order to achieve the best effect of the film, Ang Lee’s U.S. technical team also provides two full screen for the domestic debugging, technical support and other services. Yau Tang Ang Lee film screenings for at least a month "Billy? Lynn’s war" through the 19 year old midfielder Billy Lynn from the perspective of American soldiers? Show a Qiyang相关的主题文章: