Steam praise rate of 80% drowned today landing app store-高达08ms小队

Steam received rate of 80% "submerged" today landing APP Store adventure game of survival "submerged" (Submerged) in 2014 to the end of the exposure, the water in the world and more game player and surge high and sweep forward media attention. In 2015, the GDC Game Developers Conference, flooded again debut, so many reporters present marvel. Experienced last year’s release of the PC version, the official landing today for the iOS platform. Steam special praise "submerged" in August last year at the beginning of the first landing Steam platform, favorable rate as high as 80%, is particularly acclaimed works. Nevertheless, there are questions to the sandbox game player adventure game a little boring. "Submerged" built on a desolate but beautiful world water above the end of the game screen "submerged" view of the world, a brother and sister survived being submerged in the city, brother injured are in urgent need of medicine treatment, so the game player needs to lead the younger sister, adventures living in the barren waters, and looking for a variety of basic necessities and medicine. The whole game emphasizes the warmth of the adventure, therefore, "submerged" fighting and do not have any stimulation, but to let the game player turned "climbing master", from the vines, the pipeline to the rock, until the building roof, looking for all available items. "Submerged" picture of the game is worth mentioning is that the game uses the latest unreal 4, depicts a stunning future water world: the boat cruising in the local game player might have been building, dolphins and beluga whales from time to time by you, no skyscrapers to life, covered with moss, sunset on the water with light, warm and decadent intertwined, the game interpretation of the "destruction of beauty" is a big attraction. "Submerged" landing IOS (source: ali123 editor: unhappy)   Sina statement: posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章: