Daughter change CP Daddy where 4 cited controversy-特命战队go busters

"Daughter" change CP? "Daddy where the 4 controversial" Dong and Arale SARFT a "child limit order", the fourth "Dad where to go" (hereinafter referred to as the "father of 4") from satellite TV prime time, transformed into a comprehensive network, to mango TV broadcast. But in response to the "star binding", "father of 4" groups of guests are really parent, there are false parent children, including fencing Dong force [micro-blog] and amateur girl Arale, quickly became the program flow of play. Arale tongyanwuji, Zeng Dong ("confession, I grow up) my mother took me to marry you." Dong Li also repeatedly responded in an interview, said: a little fall in love with her feelings, after the girlfriend would like to find such a Arale." Some netizens very surprised, the original "bud" were not the father? How to walk to marry? And many parents are also very wary of users, that the move is suspected of speculation, the program group in the late production of fuel can also be misleading, and thus have a negative impact on children’s sex education. With the topic of rapid fermentation, the day before, mango TV issued an emergency statement: I hope everyone with kindness view programs, prevent malicious speculation and demonize interpretation. Topic: "father" is refers to the taste of "practice dad" and "our children", is "4" the new dad where to go, the fencer Dong Li and 4 year old girl Arale "bud and force", once popular outside welcome. Although Dong Li is a born athlete, but looks quite handsome, entertainment little meat taste, while wearing a black frame glasses Arale innocent, cute and naive, two people take care of each other in a variety of tasks in the program, the "temporary father" is a tacit understanding. However, with the increasing attention of the outside world, a lot of people in the audience from the bud force daughter found a "pink": the original, in one episode, Arale boldly expresses to Dong Li "marry you", and then the Dong also said on many public occasions "love" and "my girlfriend" "I’m waiting for her to grow up" when you put sugar to eat, I eat you". There are also found in the audience, in a program, Arale half left shoulder, asked Dong Li: "can you make me?" Although it is easy to interpret out of context of the scene, followed by the Dong force side help Arale fold the clothes aside and said "I’ll tell you again" the wolf ", but there are still many viewers Tucao, daughter feeling distorted. In the face of the network "Lei CP" video, even one novel, more netizens questioned, that the program group in the recording, editing and publicity also has a variety of problems, especially for unfamiliar adult male when "temporary dad" set to underage girls, bring the wrong model for sex education that is not only easy to let parents and girls relax about the potential dangers of vigilance, easier to let "Daddy where the 4" part of the screen as pedophilia fantasy material. Dong Li: some people interpret out of context Arale in the program "marry you" may be a saying that good, but how to guide children to adults, but it is worth pondering. View)相关的主题文章: