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Telecommunications fraud How poisonous! – Sohu comments about an upcoming college entrance, open a new chapter in the life of the girl, but because of a fraud call lost precious life. Such a tragedy occurred in Shandong girl Xu Yuyu, let people see the sad tears. Sad, sorry, angry?? it’s hard for us to describe the complex feelings at the moment. Telecommunications fraud, How poisonous! Poison poison to harm devoid of humanity! When the cancer of the renovation of telecommunications fraud! Seeing soon in September, to the beginning of the school day. For this year, successfully admitted to university students, all hope and look forward to a new college life. Indeed, through the years, three years of high school tense study has three year high strength test, after the entrance to the canoe over thousands upon thousands of horses and soldiers, from thousands of candidates in the run-off, admitted to the University, especially an ideal university, it is one of the most happiness and success in life. Especially for Shandong, Xu Yuyu, such a poor family background, family conditions are very difficult for the children, the more important to understand the importance of learning, but also to understand the importance of the University for an ordinary child to change the fate of the University of Linyi. Fortunately, Xu Yuyu through their own efforts, finally admitted to the ideal university, is about to become a college student the proud. However, Yu Yu to the University at the time of the report, a phone has completely changed her fate, but also completely changed the fate of her entire family. Just keep up with different universities, this change is tragic and devastating, not only let the jade lost their precious lives, also let her family to bear the pain lost her daughter. For fraudsters, this is just another successful scam, and Yu Yu and his family, life is gone, no hope, no future, the whole world collapsed. These years, telecommunications fraud, Internet fraud and other crimes are rampant, intensified, criminal means and crime is constantly changing, people detest, impossible to guard against. According to statistics, in 2015 China’s telecommunications network fraud cases occurred in 599 thousand, resulting in economic losses of about 20 billion yuan; only the first half of 2016, the telecommunications network fraud cases reached 287 thousand, resulting in the loss of more than 80 yuan. "Guess who I am?" "Mom and Dad, save me quickly, come to my office", "the court to you suspected criminal summons" or "congratulations on your winning", "your family accident need money??? Believe that almost everyone has experienced similar telecommunications fraud scam. In order to get money, renovation of criminals clear division of labor, careful design, means, only you can not think, no not to cheat. Can not cheat a lie, one can not cheat more than a few times, this method can not cheat on a method of article, the domestic fight against the strict go abroad to cheat. For the general public, in the face of scam bombing was exhausted, stand it, it is possible to accidentally fall into the scam. Like Xu Yuyu suffered the same scam, criminals specifically for college students who are about to start with a grant as bait, through layers of induction, set the student information.相关的主题文章: