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Shenzhen TV "slightly" high sweet warning Yang Yang Zheng Shuang kissing Cheats – Yang Yang Zheng Shuang from Sohu Sohu entertainment entertainment news idol drama love the most rapid way, and the audience loved the sugar is kissing scenes. Lips are the softest part of the human body, but also the human body from the outside into the heart of the hidden door. When two people fall in love, the deeper their kisses are. While in Shenzhen TV is the hit "smile" very little, "the couple" kissing number also hit Yang Yang and Zheng Shuang took a role in film and television drama since most times a kiss! God sister Xiao Liao means how clever the needless to say, in addition to the psychological tactics step by step, if there seems to be no physical contact, small meat Yang Yang interpretation of the beautiful Xiao God by his superb kiss jambet he was completely fascinated by slightly entranced the Xiao! God kissing Nirvana cheats open to the public!, a superficial type of the most charming taste is intriguing, superficial type of kiss and full of thousands and thousands of words with courtesy. With regards to forbear. A fall in the forehead or lips, perhaps ashamed, perhaps out of temptation, no matter what the reason is, will let you have a sense of distance, but also makes girls feel respected! When God or idol and a "God", such restraint Dragonfly will make him more mysterious water with a little more sense of strong love and comfort, let the girl slightly heart instantly deflagrated, want to become "the relationship" and the great God! Two, overbearing president to know mind the needle type woman, saying "do not", heart shouting "come to hurt each other." in the face of a woman! The spoiled type of duplicity, to study our God Xiao Nai, cupped her face hard kiss! No matter is the wall, Dong Dong, high not to give her space to think about this "kiss the towel! Opera "Yang Yang jokes" embarrassed ":" when the scene is very focused, we also feel very good. That’s in the state." The director is on the two starring praise again and again: "I will discuss and guide more than before the shooting, because of fear of embarrassment has just started, in the case of interaction brought forth, but at the end of the two actors are very professional, is good." Three, approaching the kiss of love you ambiguous to take care of you can be assured, can sensitively and accurately capture the emotional and physical reactions to you, kiss is careful to pamper. This kiss is the soul of gymnastics, from the inside, sincere love. Show that TA cherish the love between you and him, for fear that you hurt, such a kiss can be seen, the other is really love you. From an interaction approach, to understand each other to confirm the closer to the mind. The rain Kiss very sentimental, the couple in the dripping rain through the more recognized each other’s feelings be closely related and mutually dependent. Not the most beautiful rainy day, but to avoid the rain eaves, dreamy romantic misty atmosphere Yan and Yang Yang Zheng Shuang of the value of mutual blessing, I heard the rain and kiss with more Oh! Four, love kiss kiss face pinch pinched face with a small animal pet and teasing the Meng Meng, how the face of God Yang Yang who do not.相关的主题文章: