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SEF chairman will turn sent a letter to the mainland to carry "92 consensus" original title: Taiwan media: SEF chairman will turn sent a letter to the mainland " 92 consensus " according to Taiwan "in the electronic newspaper" reported that the SEF chairman Tien hung Mao will be 12 on the official inauguration, when writing the letter content of sea Association, regarded as both sides whether the key to resume talks. According to informed sources, the 520 letter content than Cai Yingwen in his inaugural speech, will further goodwill, and that the SEF will inherit "NPC and CPPCC" in the past "certain" on the basis of the agreement and the expected results, NPC and CPPCC in both the political basis, to the institution consultation; some words may be imagination in fact, refers to the "92 consensus", although not explicitly, but will turn it. Taiwan authorities MAC vice chairman and spokesman Qiu Chuizheng said on the 8, 12 days after the SEF interim meetings of the board of directors, the SEF will fax letter to the paper, the content will be released to the media through the press release. Cai Yingwen 10, also will go to Kinmen troops, and visited the Mainland Affairs Council term mistress through business, whether in the cross-strait relations will have a further argument, it is worth continuing concern. Informed sources said that the Cai Yingwen administration policies are facing challenges, the first is the number of mainland tourists to Taiwan tourism industry continued to decline, will be held 12 days to protest in the streets; 27, the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) conference, almost certainly cannot attend; this makes Cai authorities must face a pragmatic cross-Strait issues, the release of the resumption of talks on both sides to the goodwill of the mainland. It is understood that when the letter will generally SEF statement: "in the past" some "in our NPC and CPPCC under agreement with the consensus reached on the SEF said respect and understanding, and I hope you NPC and CPPCC in both the political foundation, to the institution consultation." "Some" words may be imagination, is actually refers to the "92 consensus", although not explicitly, but will turn it. However, Taiwan Affairs Office Director Zhang Zhijun said in an interview with reporters in Shandong Weifang in September 1st, we have already mentioned, the ARATS and the SEF to resume talks this mechanism, must confirm the "92 consensus" such a common political foundation and by the Bureau authorized. Zhang Zhijun said, you can go to see Taiwan to May 26, 2008, SEF ARATS sent a letter, and after three days, the ARATS reply, there are clear point, is based on "92 consensus", resumed talks. Therefore, the key issue is the political basis, is authorized to negotiate the political basis, rather than people. In addition, as for the attention of the outside world of Cai Yingwen’s "double" speech, informed sources said that Cai Yingwen will continue in 520 main speech about on both sides of the new administration will handle cross-strait affairs according to the relevant laws. Source: overseas network editor: Wang Haocheng相关的主题文章: