Taiwan’s economic boom for the first time in 17 months, the green light-sql2005安装图解

Taiwan’s economic boom to the first 17 months of bright green news agency of the new network in Taipei – 26 August, Taiwan Administration Development Committee announced on 26 July, boom lights comprehensive evaluation score of 23 points, 3 points higher than last month, for the first time in 17 months on behalf of stability of the "green light" show, boom gradually warmed. Comprehensive central news agency, "Economic Daily" and other media reported on 26, the Committee noted that the July indicators boom lights, wholesale, retail, catering turnover since the "blue light" to "yellow light", the stock index from the "yellow light" to "green light", the import of mechanical and electrical equipment is from the "green light" to "yellow light", a lot of good news for business smoothly pick up, representatives from the steering "yellow light" towards a stable green". In the future, the Commission said, in the consumer electronic products demand and boost networking and other emerging application development, the export situation is expected to continue to improve. But the global economic growth, sluggish pace of trade protectionism warming and other interfering factors should pay attention to. It is reported that the Taiwan authorities policy planning agencies are using business cycle, "red light" on behalf of the boom, "green light" on behalf of stability, "blue light" on behalf of the downturn, the "yellow red" and "yellow light" for the attention of the light, that should closely observe whether to follow boom. (end)相关的主题文章: