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Australian Foreign Minister: is considering a joint patrol with the South China Sea data map: Australian Foreign Minister Bishop. Xinhua News Agency reporter Niu Xiaolei Photo Reference News Network November 2nd foreign media reported that the Australian Foreign Minister Bishop issued a statement on November 1st, Australia and Indonesia are considering joint naval patrols in the South China sea. According to the Broadcasting British Corporation website reported on November 1st, by the Bishop Australia Broadcasting Corporation said, Indonesia days ago at a bilateral meeting in Bali Island between the proposed joint patrol requirements, the same Australia pursued by the exercise of freedom of navigation rights policy is consistent. China is bound to cause dissatisfaction reported that Australia is a staunch ally of the United States, had dispatched reconnaissance aircraft to investigate the disputed islands in the South China Sea and to support the United States in the South China Sea freedom of navigation advocated by China’s severe criticism. Australia and Indonesia had been in the Timor Sea to implement joint sea patrols, as part of a fight against maritime trafficking and illegal fishing cooperation. Bishop said that Australia and Indonesia will be informed of their actions in the South China Sea other countries. She said, "this is a normal part of US naval operations, is also part of our cooperation in this area, this is also the same in Australia, including the South China Sea, freedom of navigation at sea rights is consistent." According to Taiwan’s United Daily News reported on November 1st, Australian Foreign Minister Bishop said the same day, the country is considering a joint dispute with Indonesia in the disputed South China sea. This is bound to cause dissatisfaction in Beijing. Australia to intervene in the South China Sea due to military advantage weakened? The Associated Press reported that Australia is not one of the countries in the South China Sea sovereignty claims, but Bishop said that Australia and the United States to support the navigation and freedom of flight. According to voice of America radio website reported that the Australian government is considering sending warships or military aircraft to Chinese around the artificial island 12 miles within the scope of the right of freedom of navigation earlier this year. Australia has sent P-3 maritime patrol aircraft to the sea cruise, saying it was a routine maritime cruise. But it is believed that the patrol did not enter the Chinese artificial island 12 nautical miles around. Reported that Australia’s exports to a large extent dependent on the Chinese market, any conflict with Beijing may lead to a serious impact on the economy. However, observers said the Canberra authorities believe that Beijing’s move in the South China Sea is threatening to rely on the international order of economic and trade development in australia. Andrew, a former Australian national security adviser, said: "Australian policymakers are more aware of the advantages of our military capabilities than they were five years ago, and that the advantages of the · are rapidly diminishing.". People have a sense of urgency."相关的主题文章: