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Chinese with Portuguese speaking countries economic and trade exchanges in Macao "role" – Beijing, Xinhua news agency, Macao, October 8: from a rice to a bridge — China with Portuguese speaking countries economic and trade exchanges in the "Macao" Xinhua News Agency reporter Wang Chenxi Liu Chang Yang Yi China in Guinea Bissau – Portuguese speaking Countries Economic Cooperation Forum (Macao) (the forum) on behalf of Ma Liwen told a story of Xinhua News Agency reporters: more than and 100 years ago, a family from Macao across the oceans to the earth at the other end of the Bissau, and brought the rice seeds and planting technology. Since then, rice roots in Guinea Bissau to become the main local crops, improve the lives of local people. More than and 100 years later, agricultural cooperation between China and Guinea Bissau still plays a huge role. "Our national students in August this year just China in Portuguese speaking countries food crops training, and it all began in Macao hundreds of years ago." Ma Liwen sighed with emotion. A hundred years ago the "rice heart", has evolved into a solid bridge of cooperation and exchange of the Portuguese speaking countries China. The thirteenth layer is a commercial building busy "platform" is the results of the reclamation area in Macao new port, a lift was surprised to see the 8 solemn flag column, and 7 Chinese flag stands in the Portuguese speaking countries. The flag is behind the place — the forum Permanent Secretariat of Commerce officials from 8 countries to work together. "The pace of work here is very fast, a lot of things to deal with every day." Mozambique in the Forum on behalf of Francesca said. In 2003, sponsored by the Chinese government and organized, Angola, Brazil, Cape Verde, Guinea Bissau, Mozambique, Portugal and East Timor 7 Portuguese speaking countries to participate in the forum was established, and the Forum Secretariat is located in Macao and the Portuguese speaking countries often the indissoluble bound with the Chinese city. The establishment of more than and 10 years, the Secretariat as a permanent establishment of the forum, not only successfully hosted the four session of the Ministerial Conference, and the real work day in and day out, in the town of Macao to cultivate a solid foundation of economic and trade, cultural exchanges between China and portugal. "In 2013, said Vice Premier Wang in the Fourth Ministerial Conference in Macao, the central government to support Macao to play" three center, a platform "function (i.e., the Portuguese speaking countries food distribution center, the exhibition center, China Economic and trade cooperation of small and medium-sized enterprises business service center, and Portuguese bilingual talents and enterprise cooperation interaction with information sharing platform), which became the construction of Macao China cooperation with the Portuguese speaking countries trade service platform starting point." The forum Permanent Secretariat Secretary General Xu Yingzhen said. According to reports, "China – Portuguese speaking countries economic and trade cooperation talent information website" for information publishing and information search function, providing the Portuguese speaking countries food database, Portuguese bilingual talents and professional service database, China and the Portuguese speaking countries the latest exhibition information, related to the Portuguese speaking countries economic and trade information and local business information regulations etc.. The small and medium-sized enterprise business service center to provide online platform entity service counter and the Portuguese speaking countries and taking the market"相关的主题文章: