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The man looking for a small wife quite free, more powerful than the ancient man [Abstract] Ancient concubinage has explicit specification, because the status of different restrictions, such as the Western Jin Dynasty Law: the kings of concubinage 8 princes, concubinage 6, and the Republic of China is not the level of restrictions. Figure: the marriage certificate 1 "monogamy" and the "Concubine" phenomenon I wrote "China ancient man" and "how much" one article, about Chinese in the ancient men have concubines "happiness" index. From the past, the wife is not a good thing. "Polygamy" is rich and powerful of the "welfare", at the bottom of a wife could not afford to raise, not a good man, is not looking for a small wife and opportunity cost. Monogamy is actually a history in China, including the so-called "feudal society", nominally monogamy. Although the emperor "emperor’s harem seventy-two Princess" privilege, harem beauties, but his wife is queen, there can only be one. So, what is a woman? Emperor seal "imperial concubine", folk calculate "concubine". Such a system of marriage and family, in fact, "monogamy". Although the life right, concubine and wife basically is equal, even more than my wife can enjoy, but in the family status and property, but there is a world of difference, even the concubine children than the wife’s life base, genealogy written "bastard". In the period of the Republic of China, especially after the "54" new culture movement, women’s rights were put forward to promote equality between men and women". This is a great progress in the marriage system in China, many men in the Republic of China are seriously abide by the implementation of, such as Sun Zhongshan, Jiang Jieshi was the case, they have only one wife. If the man really fell in love with another woman, and can divorce his first wife, but not divorced and married, or commit bigamy. Sun Zhongshan and Jiang Jieshi are divorced with his first wife, Song Qingling, were married to Song Meiling. However, we both biographies, or film and television works, you can see, the man are not only a woman, married three, five wife is very common in the Republic of China, some people even have dozens of real. This is a special phenomenon of "Concubine" in the Republic of china. In view of this, a former chairman of the national government in stone Linsen, Mount Lu on the side of the road to build, create new styles inscribed "concubine to sit", as a joke. The period of the Republic of China is to advocate the "civilized marriage" and the rule of law, since the "marriage law" that the monogamous, why will appear this kind of marry small lawlessness behavior? Originally, the problem in the Republic of China’s laws and regulations, the "judicial interpretation" and the actual judgment, even the default legal concubinage. The marriage of 2 judicial interpretation of the Republic of China, Fan Shaozeng’s 40 real wives in nineteen years (1930) in December, the national government promulgated the "civil law" and the implementation of family code, the following year in May, which is for marriage and family. At that time, the KMT Central Committee of the legislative principles of the political meeting, the problem of concubine, needless to say". And that, "my system, measures should be abolished, although in fact still exists, but)相关的主题文章: