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Yuan Fufu "Yin" biaoshi became calm dart his solemn boyfriend bursting with Sohu Yuan Fufu entertainment actor Zhao Yuan Fufu Sohu sunspot entertainment news from the novel of the same name of the Internet Movie "Yin" has the Acheron dart line. The muscle male god Yuan Fufu in the film played in Zhao Heizi’s pocket. Escort, escort on the way of a good Yin darts skill, to escort team. "Yin". Dart tells the story of a series of fantasy stories in several main line caused by multi field cool shots and thriller stories for the film adds a lot of aspect, since its release received numerous. In the film, the incarnation of Yuan Fufu Zhao Heizi biaoshi calm and reserved, as the descendants of Zhao Zilong, his martial arts, usually be scanty of words but attentive, was brave in the fight with the enemy, the key moment is repeatedly rescued companion, is playing a good send darts team strength. When the heart has a crush on Ling Bai Zhao sunspot by enemy tie when facing between family mission and brotherhood, he resolutely choose to love anything, until the last moment of his life, he also held Ling Bai, her boyfriend instantly bursting force. It is understood that the film during the winter, most scenes are completed at night, and Yuan Fufu also said that even if put on the thick clothes was difficult to resist the cold, the night is under extreme physical, but to see the wonderful film that after all the hard work is worth it. For the success of the role of Yuan Fufu’s wonderful interpretation of the work. A good figure not only in the shape of a high degree of reduction of the characters, the vivid performance of the character of Zhao Heizi is more meaningful to create a solid character. It is understood that the past two years Yuan Fufu works constantly, has starred in "demon," a strange tale of "urban house guest", "praise four sacred vow of ghost teacher" and many other film and television works, believe Yan value acting Yuan Fufu will bring us more wonderful works.相关的主题文章: