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Mainland tourists to Taiwan by   the four major tourism related industry took to the streets to protest: Taiwan channel: original title: mainland tourists to Taiwan island tourism related reduced four industries to take to the streets of mainland tourists to Taiwan. The number dropped, the impact on the tourism industry, to guide the "treasure island with Taiwan" banner, lead the land guests visit Taipei Memorial Hall of Zhongshan. (source: Taiwan News Network) China Taiwan network August 25th news according to Taiwan "Economic Daily" reported that the Taiwan Tourism Hotel Association chairman Lai Zhengyi said on the 24, the travel agency failures involve many levels, including tourist hotels, tourist car, aviation and retail and other four major industries will be affected. Once the impact of the expansion of the scope of the relevant practitioners fear some people will not guarantee jobs. He urged the Taiwan authorities must face this problem, and to "end the beef", as soon as possible to ease tensions between the two sides, and to attract tourists from all over the world. Lu Ke Island Hotel has been reduced, many low-key start to attract buyers, from the double North (Taipei, New Taipei City) to Yilan has multiple objects for sale in the mad intermediary between. The influence and also includes a tour industry, catering industry, business is greatly affected, "washing factory areas" even extended to the downstream of the hotel. In the past, the monthly salary of the workers in the laundry industry was 40 thousand yuan (NT $, the same below), which is now almost halved, and there is no need to work overtime. Lai Zhengyi said that if the situation doesn’t improve, the tourism industry is bound to expand the impact level, currently includes Hotel Association, travel agency, tour operators have formed themselves in the streets of the tourism industry, to fight in September 8th, calls upon the authorities to assist in Taiwan, not even the bad situation of export 17 black, and the excessive consumption of the domestic market. This year, the number of mainland tourists to Taiwan since May after three consecutive months of decline, the Taiwan authorities Tourism Department estimated visitors of more severe, in June, July mainland tourists group of about 30% reduction, and the market is expected in the second half, visitors are not complex? Taiwan group quantity probably continued to decrease. The two sides of the Taiwan Straits Travel Development Association chairman Yao Daguang believes that this wave of tourism disaster, "the short four months, a long four years, called for the industry to have long-term war preparations. (Chinese Taiwan network (Gao Xu) Wang Ying (Internship), commissioning editor: Liu Jieyan)相关的主题文章: