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Putin promised for the Paralympic athletes special contest – Sports – people.com.cn original title: Putin promised for the Paralympic athletes held a special game picture of Xinhua News Agency Moscow August 25th sports news (reporter Wei Lianglei) 25, Russian President Putin said, the Russian delegation odet residue was banned from the 2016 Rio, Russia will mobilize the specialized organization game for the Russian Paralympic games. Rio Olympic award winning athletes in Russia held the same day in Moscow Kremlin. Putin said in a speech at the event, the Russian government will support the Paralympic athletes and organize a special game, so that they show their talent, the winner of the tournament and the medal winner will be the same as the Paralympic award. Putin also praised again returning from the Rio victorious Russian athletes. He said that the situation in Russia is difficult for the Russian players in the game before the Russian delegation 1/3 athletes were banned from participating, and their projects are the traditional strengths of russia. But the Russian athletes overcame the difficulties, like real soldiers did not yield, but to fight and win. Putin said he did not have time to watch all the games, but those who watched the game impressed him deeply. People are not only happy for the Russian players to win, but also for their spirit, the quality of the will and the desire to win. Putin stressed that sports is not only a grand event, but also a symbol of justice, equality, mutual respect and cooperation. Russia respects and highly supports those who support the Olympic spirit, and is committed to maintaining the unity of the Olympic family. But it is a pity that the humanistic basis of sports and the Olympic spirit is being trampled on by the politics. Russia will continue to fight for the pure sport, but it is a shame for the people who make the decision to forbid the Russian athletes to participate in the Paralympic games. Putin awarded a National Medal for Russian athletes who won medals in rio. Russian sports minister Mutko said the same day, Russia will be banned from participating in the event of the Russian Paralympic Games to the Swiss Confederation court of appeal. Russian athletes won 56 medals at the Rio games, including the gold medal, silver and bronze medal of the top 19, ranking in the medal standings of the year of fourth in. (commissioning editor Zhang Fan and Yang Lei)相关的主题文章: