Cold dew remember the four autumn can prevent disease-sql2005安装图解

Cold dew: remember the four autumn dew can prevent the disease, the seventeenth Lunar New Year twenty-four solar term in autumn, belonging to the fifth solar term. At this time the temperature is reduced, the dew on the ground is colder, it is about to condense into frost. Cold dew three Hou [guest] Hongyan Hongyan lined up "one" or "one word" shape of the massive Nanqian team. A clam, formerly known as a clam on the seashore, that was carried by three birds into the water. Autumn cold, birds are gone, the ancients saw many sea clams, and shell colors and stripes and the bird is very similar, it is thought that birds into the. Chrysanthemum has Huang Hua] chrysanthemum has been generally open at this time. Cold dew dew Customs inventory as one of the 24 solar term, traditional folk customs, natural and ultimately some activities, see the following custom, you participated in? Fighting crickets, the dew and cold dew, is the old Beijing fighting crickets climax. The crickets also called crickets, usually heard crickets called means the autumn, the weather becoming cooler, to remind people of the clothes for the winter, it is cricket Ming, Slut scared "said. According to records, fighting crickets began in the Tang Dynasty Tianbao, the right of "Little Bo Jia Sidao, no tour", came to power after Youxi cricket of the show, also wrote a Book of "cricket". The Ming Dynasty Xuande emperor fighting crickets, resulting in a price of gold to dozens of crickets, somewhat good, the next will be very, the people of Beijing to play cricket, probably began in the Ming Dynasty. Autumn fishing in South China, this time to bid farewell to hot, sunny, it is a good time to travel, to enjoy the flowers, popular, eat crab fishing. Cold dew season, the temperature dropped rapidly, the sun had not deep penetration, the fish swim to the shallow water water temperature is high, so there are "autumn fishing". A cold dew season, North China has presented the autumn scene, the southern autumn is getting stronger. This solar term often and traditional Chinese festival festival. Since ancient times, there is an important festival custom — invite relatives and friends, certainly. Cold dew dew autumn health tip, open mode, pay attention to the following points: the maintenance of the body cool dry to warm cold dew tonic Royal nature after the autumnal equinox, Yang Xiao Yin long trend more obvious, Muqiu of cool dry climate has become increasingly significant. Diet should pay attention to the choice of mild or warm moist and cool dry the product to prevent the evil loss of Yin yang. Walnut, chestnut, Chinese wolfberry, Chinese yam, black beans, black sesame and other edible products, property or partial temperature, spleen and stomach, or reinforce spleen and kidney or liver, lungs or keep lung dryness, or intestines dry, may be appropriate to add the soup or porridge, and according to individual physical differences. With the reduction of body flexibility, be of great advantage. Honey, sweet nature, mild moisturizing products, good beauty, lungs, intestines, stomach effect, the most suitable autumn dry climate taking. "Compendium of Materia Medica" records "in addition to the disease, honey and medicine, Jiufu strong light, not hunger or old, longevity, is a natural health care products. With water, or blended with milk, Soybean Milk, but the water temperature is not too high, otherwise easy to destroy the nutrients of honey. Because honey bees sugar, diabetes.相关的主题文章: