Xichang security car crash caused by continuous damage to seven vehicles the perpetrators have been -jcuv是什么车

Xichang security car crash caused by continuous damage to seven vehicles have been the perpetrators to control the picture provided by the users of Sichuan online news (reporter He Qinhua) in September 25th 21, the reporter from the Xichang Municipal Public Security Bureau, the day early in the morning, an employee of Xichang security company driving a vehicle, in the city continuously hit several cars, causing damage to seven vehicles. Two people were injured. At present, the perpetrators have been controlled by the traffic police department. Day 02 30 pm, E% XX (male, 24 years old, people of Xichang Sheng countryman, Xichang security company employees) driving vehicles (Sichuan WFY652) after Xichang City Yuan Garden Hotel in front of the traffic lights at the junction, hit the front two vehicles after leaving the scene, in the glorious victory road area and hit the road while parked vehicles, leading to the four vehicles collided, the car rushed across the road and collided with another vehicle was forced to stop, the accident caused damage to seven vehicles, two people were injured (skin trauma). After receiving the alarm, at 3 am, Xichang City Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Brigade police arrived at the scene disposal, at 3:25, the perpetrators E% XX brought to the city of Xichang Changning hospital for blood extraction. At present, waiting for the detection of blood alcohol content, the perpetrators have been controlled by traffic police brigade, to carry out investigation and evidence collection work, the case is under further processing. Editor’s note: this video has nothing to do with the original, only the extended reading man together with others to crash a month "pengci" four

西昌保安驾车连续撞车致七车受损 肇事者已被控制图片由网友提供四川在线消息(记者 何勤华)9月25日21时,记者从西昌市公安局获悉,当天凌晨,西昌市保安公司一名员工驾驶车辆,在市区连续撞上多辆汽车,造成七车受损,两人受伤。目前,肇事者已被交警部门控制。当天02时30分许,咹折xx(男,24岁,西昌市民胜乡人,西昌市保安公司员工)驾驶车辆(川WFY652)经过西昌市元园酒店门前红绿灯路口处,撞上前方两辆车辆后驶离现场,在胜利南路光彩小区处撞上路边停放车辆,导致四车相撞,肇事车辆冲向马路对面与另一车辆相撞后被迫停车,该事故造成七车受损,两人受伤(皮外伤)。接到报警后,凌晨3时,西昌市公安局交警大队民警到达现场处置,3时25分,将肇事者咹折xx带至西昌市长宁医院进行血样提取。目前正在等待血液酒精含量检测结果,肇事者已被交警大队控制,开展调查取证工作,案件正在进一步办理中。编者注:该视频与原文无关,仅供扩展阅读 男子伙同他人故意撞车 一个月“碰瓷”四起相关的主题文章: