Daping Yingli · City National Day 7 days with you around the earth.-windjview

Daping Yingli · City: National Day 7 days with you around the earth’s National Day holiday is coming, or holiday house is a problem. Xiaobian domestic scenic spot plugging into a dog, foreign travel expenses are too high, if the house has been really a waste of time, it is better to Daping Yingli · city to experience a journey. From now until October 7th, seven days around the earth without money is not a dream, to Daping Yingli · city experience "feeling through the mirror" tour. Sunglasses, scarf covered with minute modelling in Paris AI Erfei tower concave, Maldives lying in the leg is so easy, not to mention a kiss and the Sphinx, Church of Duomo to shoot a wedding, pushing Italy Leaning Tower of Pisa, easy to achieve, only need to consider put a set of beauty out of the sky Pose. The professional photographers, lighting, green wait for love taking pictures of you shed, free pictures, send photos to send the film and PHOTO KEYCHAIN gave Memorial Eiffel Tower, then to a circle of friends to share a gift oh. Of course, more than this set, more matte "mirror Dream Castle" challenge your self imagination. Standing on the camera has been out, lying down is the popular trend, called friends together to shoot a set of shocked friends circle photos. In addition to the fun of "mirror through love" around the world in 7 days, there are super awesome discount offer. Immediate attention Daping Yingli · city WeChat (cqyingli), joined the Daping Yingli · city members enjoy the national day three! 10 yuan for 100 yuan vouchers, consumer send tickets to a leisurely tour hall, spending 300 yuan gave a good gift. October Daping Yingli · Chongqing city will usher in the first icium swimming hall grand opening, Chongqing Wanda studios IMAX hall Daping September 30th shocked the sail, and a fresh wave of Sports City opened costumes, more exciting day for you to discount. Daping Yingli · city address: District of Chongqing Daping circulation, service hotline: 023-60371666.

大坪英利·大融城:国庆7天带你环游地球啦国庆小长假即将到来,度假or宅是个问题。小编觉得国内景区堵成狗,国外旅游开销太高,如果一直宅也实在浪费时间,不如来大坪英利·大融城体验一场穿越之旅吧。 即日起至10月7日,七天环游地球不花钱不是梦,来大坪英利·大融城体验“镜情穿越”之旅。带上墨镜,披上围巾分分钟出现在巴黎埃尔菲铁塔凹造型,去马尔代夫晒个腿也是so easy,更别提和狮身人面像接个吻,去米兰大教堂拍个婚纱照,推一推意大利比萨斜塔,轻轻松松实现,只需要考虑摆出一套美出天际的Pose。现场专业摄影师、灯光、绿棚等待喜欢拍照的你出现,免费拍照送底片送相片还送纪念相框和埃菲尔铁塔钥匙扣,分享至朋友圈再赠礼物一份哦。 套路当然不止这一套,更有粉嫩“镜面梦幻城堡”挑战你的自拍想象力。站着照相已经out,躺着照才是流行趋势,叫上朋友们一起来拍一套震惊朋友圈的照片吧。 除了好玩的“镜情穿越”之7天环游地球,还有超给力折扣奉上。即刻关注大坪英利·大融城微信(cqyingli),加入大坪英利·大融城会员享受国庆三重礼!10元换100元代金券,消费送悠游堂门票一张,消费满300元还送好礼一份。 10月大坪英利·大融城将迎来重庆首家冰雪主题乐园悠游堂盛大开业,重庆大坪万达影城IMAX厅9月30日震撼起航,同时还有劲浪体育运动城盛装开业,更多精彩优惠国庆等你来。 大坪英利·大融城地址:渝中区大坪循环道,服务热线:023-60371666.相关的主题文章: