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Holidays Mother’s Day will be on May 8th in 2011. This holiday was proposed by Anna M. Jarvis (1864-1948) to recognize the contribution of mothers and to strengthen family bond. Your mom has devoted her life for you. She certainly deserves your recognition on her special day. A great way to show your appreciation to mom is to send her a mothers day gift. This article provides some mothers day gift ideas. 1. Mothers Day Gift Basket: You can wish your mom a happy Mothers Day with a beautiful gift basket filled with sweets and savory snacks. There are so many variations to choose from. You can select one that has all the goodies contained in a beautiful watering can hand-painted with the message "Mom is Awesome", and the many roles a mother has to play, including: teacher, chaffeur, counselor, cook, nurse… Alternatively, you can select a basket that contains a pair of gardening gloves, a planter pod with the hand painted message ‘Love You Mom", and plenty of delicious gourmet snacks. Some baskets may include a book of inspiring stories about mothers, or a music CD on mother’s love. Your mom will know how you feel about her, and she can enjoy the snacks while reading the book or listening to the song about her. 2. Spa Gift: You can pamper your mom with the indulgent experience of day spa at home by sending her a spa gift. Spa gift baskets are usually filled with calming and soothing bath and body products, including: body lotion, body soap, bath salts, bath loofah, body massager, foot roller massager, bath pillow, as well as aromatherapy candles, potpourri, bath towel, soothing sounds CD, drawer sachets, and a box of chocolate truffles. These spa gifts can rejuvenate the body and spirit and make mom feel refreshed and invigorated. 3. Gardening Gift: If your mom is an avid gardener, you can send her a gardening gift. A popular gardening tote consists of a beautiful woven canvas tote filled with everything she will need to tend to her garden and admire its beauty. Inside the tote she will find gardening hand tools, gardening gloves, hand towel, packets of flower seeds, fingernail bristle brush, moisturizing hand and body wash, potpourri, foam knee pad, ceramic gardening sign, and a seed starter greenhouse. She will also find green herbal tea and gourmet snacks for her breaks between planting and weeding. 4. Brunch For Mom: While your mother may be a great chef, she deserves a break on her special day. You can show your appreciation with an assortment of scrumptious baked goods and .plements, including fresh baked cranberry scones, flakey butter croissants, blueberry crumb cake, and lemon frosted pound cake. She can sip the included cinnamon nut swirl coffee or Twinnings Chamomile tea and enjoy the baked goods with her friends or family. 5. Tea Gift: If your mom is a tea lover, you can send her a sophisticated tea gift set. She will love the delicate rose stoneware teapot and matching rose teacup with two varieties of tea to savor. For tea time snacks, She will find Chocolate truffle cookies, Raspberry chocolate cake, butter toffee caramel corn, Chambery truffles, and chocolate covered pretzels. She will have a good time with friends and family and appreciate your thoughtfulness. 6. Personalized Bracelet: If you would like to have a long lasting gift for mom, you can send her a sterling silver precious photos charm bracelet. The bracelet has three small photo frames that she can keep pictures of her kids or grandkids. Moreover, a circular charm is included with this bracelet for engraving her name or initials to make this gift all the more personal. 7. Personalized Picture Frame: If you are looking for a present with a tight budget, you can profess your love to your mother with a pretty poetry picture frame in one of the available poems. You can also personalize the picture frame with your special message. 8. Personalized Tote: If you are looking for a present that your mother can use for her shopping trip or her yoga class, you can send her a pretty canvas bag that includes a braided handle, and is embroidered with her initial in your selected thread color. 9. Personalized Keepsake: You can send mom a lovely personalized silver-plated keepsake jewelry box that features an elegant raised heart on the lid. The keepsake box is ideal for her to keep those easy-to-lose items such as rings and earrings in one place. In summary, you can show your gratitude to mom and make her feel special by sending her a Mothers Day gift. You can select your gift according to her interest and hobby, and your budget. Your mom will appreciate your thoughtfulness and enjoy her special day. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: