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UnCategorized A house is built to withstand the elements. Our houses are all made with the specific purpose of protecting from wind, rain, snow, and extreme temperatures. Over the years, damage can occur but mostly it’s minimal. It is not the elements we should worry about damaging our homes; it is pests. When you think of pests, you might think of insects and bugs like termites. But animals can be as serious a problem to a home as insects. Listed below are a few of the most .mon animals in the United States that can cause damage to our homes. Pigeons Pigeons are everywhere in our towns, cities, and rural areas. And therefore so are their droppings. Pigeon droppings can cause corrosion to homes and roofs. Droppings deface our structures and can also promote the growth of airborne diseases. Another problem with these invasive birds is that they can carry parasites, mites, fleas, and other problems that can be unhealthy to humans. Nesting pigeons anywhere on your home should be gotten rid of immediately. Starlings These little dark-colored birds may look like cute harmless birds with a pleasant song, but they are one of the most invasive and damaging birds. Starlings like to nest in small areas like vents, attics, under the eaves of your roof, air conditioners, and other openings. Starlings are native to Europe and .pete for habitat with native birds of North America. Their droppings are corrosive and can promote the growth of a fungus that causes disease called histoplasmosis. Squirrels Because of their persistent nature, squirrels are one of the most obnoxious rodents. In residential areas they can cause problems by digging in flower beds and pots to dig out bulbs and nesting in attics and basements. Squirrels may also chew on power lines, causing power outages. Raccoons Raccoons can be a major problem to a homeowner because of their dexterity and adaptability. Raccoons are very dexterous and capable of getting into difficult spaces to find food. Raccoons can get into attics and cause serious damage that requires expensive repair. Raccoons are also .mon carriers of the deadly disease rabies. Raccoons are persistent and can be difficult for a homeowner to get rid of without professional help. An infestation of any of the animals listed can cause serious damage to a home and can be extremely difficult to get rid of. Getting rid of the creatures may require the help of a professional exterminator or animal control specialist. Before taking measures into your own hands, it is always best to consult with a professional to figure out how to get rid of the problem. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: