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Build-Muscle So what is wrong with the regular use of free weights at home? Nothing if you have a lot of space or can pay. Even a basic set of dumbbells take the full two walls of the space in the room. This is the beauty of adjustable dumbbells. Because of their weight of an innovative adjustable, and we can take the entire rack of dumbbells and converted to 1 dumbbells adjustable one. So you have a system of free weights, which may take 1/10 normal-weight training area, and they help you save money too. Personally, I have a regular pair of dumbbells. Both 7kgs (15.4 lb) dumbbells, they cost about $ 66. The problem with them is that I have used in my training for about a month or two months. Over time, started to get muscle mass, and this is the way I am able to carry heavy weights. For me, I want to gain more muscle. I want to get my body ideal, and for me to do what I need to get heavier weights to continue training, because the use of one set of weights I will not grow after reaching a certain point. For people to gain mass, you should increase the weights they use, from one point to another. So I have to buy a new set of new weights, and perhaps like 10kgs 1-8 (17-22 lbs) fixed, and it will cost me more than 7kgs, because the weights are normal like that, and heavier, more expensive. I had to go to the gym every now and then, because the dumbbells at home 7kg useless for me to this group especially in the muscles to work, because it is very light. Is always packed at the gym with people. It is embarrassing to experiment with people in every major muscle in the gym with heavy weights twice as mine! I think that any beginner will be working instead at home, just like me! So why not buy adjustable dumbbells, a system of weights? I can change the weight you want, whenever I want! It’s great! It weighs up to 2.27 kg to 23.8 kg (from 5 to 52,5 ). More importantly, they both have the same feeling. Now I do not have to go to the local sports store to get another group of normal weight at a time. I am able to carry heavy weights! Therefore, summarizing the advantages of having adjustable dumbbells. – Save Space – Save money – Save time – Very useful I just discovered this thing adjustable dumbbells no longer. Save me a lot of time and money. Howto-buildmusclewithoutweights.. and How to build Muscle Without Weights – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: