6 months ~2 years old baby would learn tips, Ma for maternal Sohu-ssdao

6 months ~2 years old baby would learn tips, Ma for Sohu when the baby mother call our "Mom" and "Dad", each of the heart melted Baba mama. Bao Baoxue is the first lesson that children begin to communicate with the society. To give you treasure dad mom treasure to share your baby learn to speak practical methods. 6 months -1 years old at the time of the baby 0-5 months, language development basically stay in the stage of listening, like the voice of the mother, parents should talk to the baby, when he issued a voice response. 6 months later, the baby may be issued "Ba, Mu" and "Ya" sound, Baba Mama mimicked the response, will stimulate greater interest he said. At the same time, in the usual feeding, changing diapers, clothes, in a timely manner with the baby exchange to tell him what to do. 8-12 months of the baby, to improve the attention of the speech, some simple language commands also respond. May say some ambiguous variable tuning, because he is still trying to adapt to changes in pitch. 1 say "Mom and Dad" from the beginning of the 6 months, some babies will be able to issue a similar tone, but there is no practical significance, pointing to his many Ma said: "Mom, this is my mother," when he called the first sound, you must be feeling a lot. 2 head means "no" in the baby 7-8 months later, will respond to some simple instructions, such as the baby mother caught glasses, mother shook my head, through the baby’s hands. The baby will gradually learn to shake his head this simple action. 3 the only word to say the same thing as today, say "cat", "Mimi" tomorrow, at this stage, it is best to use a fixed, the only word to express the same thing. To avoid confusion with the baby. 4 things in life to identify the physical card + common table, sofa, and other fish, in the 8 months later you can try to watch the physical card, generally may be about 10 months before he can identify some familiar objects. Identification cards to be firmly in kind, not those of the deformation of the deformation of the Meng Meng, is a pure photo recognition. This is convenient for children to contact life, easier to understand. 5 stories less baby of picture focus is not strong, 1 years ago the main choice of tear rotten cloth book, rounded environmental protection board book, when he is interested in is doubled, that is not complete after listening to a story. 1 years old -1 years old and a half after the age of 1, the baby seems to suddenly understand every word you say. When you say you want to have lunch, he goes to the table with a bowl. His understanding is far more than he can say. 1 speak a little slower, not uncommon words babies and parents to communicate, try to slow down a bit. He said many familiar words and sentences, not familiar with the new words, slow. For example, "the baby wants to eat sweet – sweet circle". 2 try not to say not, say short sentences don’t like singing like hanging throat, never say "sugar, shoes shoes". Try to use simple words and short sentences to communicate, easy for baby to understand and repeat practice. 3 pronounce accurately, spit the word相关的主题文章: