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Why Should You Attend: Validation and Verification are specifically required in section 417.4 of 9 CFR and are the 8th and 11th steps in the FAO/WHO Food Standards established by the Codex Alimentarius on HACCP. According to the FSIS, inadequate validation of the control mechanisms have resulted in HACCP programs which are ineffective at controlling the Hazards they are designed to address. Likewise, verification is the key to the ongoing assurance that the system is being implemented, as designed, to consistent reduce or eliminate pathogens, foreign material and chemical contaminants that are inherent or likely to occur in the product or process. Attend this HACCP webinar to get an in depth guide to the methodologies to be employed in HACCP validation and key steps to meet verification requirements. Learning Objectives: – The definition and purpose of validation vs. verification, terms which are often confused. – Required elements for conducting and documenting validation of Critical Control Points and Process parameters will be reviewed. This will include new focus on validation of Prerequisite program elements. – The five sources of HACCP validation according to the proposed FSIS guidelines and continuing principles of HACCP will be covered. – Best practices and pitfalls of verification will be discussed using real world examples. Areas Covered in the Seminar: – A Brief History of HACCP. – When is HACCP Mandated? – What is the HACCP Model. – Types of Validation. – Validation Documentation. – Utilizing Experimental Design. – Ensuring accurate Data Collection. – Types of NACMCF Verification. – Verification Steps guided by USDA and FDA. Related Technical/Regulatory documents: – RE.MENDED INTERNATIONAL CODE OF PRACTICE – GENERAL PRINCIPLES OF FOOD HYGIENE – CAC/RCP 1-1969, Rev. 4-20031 – 9 C.F.R. 417.4 – July 25, 1996 Pathogen Reduction; Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) Systems; Final Rule (61 FR 38806) Who Will Benefit: Food Manufacturing Quality Assurance and Technical Services Managers and Directors Food Manufacturing HACCP team members Food Service Quality Assurance Program developers such as Corporate QA Managers, Directors and Operations Training Departments Topic Background: HACCP is an acronym for the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points program employed by the food industry to improve food safety. It is mandated by the USDA, and FDA in some food products and encouraged in all. GFSI, Restaurant and Retail customers base food safety audits on an implemented HACCP program. Two critically overlooked and misunderstood elements of the program are validation and verification. Respectively, they are the foundation and the lynchpin of the program. Failure to properly implement either is considered a critical failure to the establishment of the program in the emerging GFSI audits and is subject of new guidance being developed by FSIS. Validation and Verification are specifically required in section 417.4 of 9 CFR and are the 8th and 11th steps in the FAO/WHO Food Standards established by the Codex Alimentarius on HACCP. They are required for .pliance with the standards as required by International and Major US domestic food safety programs. Instructor Profile: Melinda Allen, is an Independent Quality Assurance and Food Safety Consultant. She has provided services to some of the top Brands in QSR and Food Manufacturing. Melinda specializes in Quality Systems Audits and Programs across a wide variety of product categories. From Meat and Poultry to Bakery, Spices and Produce, she has been an integral part of raising industry standards and helping manufacturers take their programs and facilities to World Class. Working with suppliers to obtain and maintain some of the largest QSR customers has been her passion. She has twenty years experience including leadership with Taco Bell/YUM Brands and Quiznos Quality Assurance in partnering with Marketing Engineering and Testing Laboratories to .mercialize and monitor .pliance of Food, Premiums, Packaging and Equipment. By: Anshu PanDe – Branding is indispensable part of the business. It play vital role in enhancing the business by leaving the presence in the minds of the consumers. By: anjali – The group at Vidya Guru understands that open segment employments are among the most looked for after occupations in India. 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