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A list of Chinese overseas by Zhang Yixing swept the best singer – Sohu entertainment   by Zhang Yixing swept the overseas Sohu list entertainment Zhang Yixing in October 7th published a new single "what U need", the song was published in Hong Kong and Taiwan will seize the mainland our other major trends list, MV Youtube play 21 hours break million, a record for the fastest China singer. The song is currently ranked third in the United States iTunes MV classification pop ranked second overall standings, the best record is Chinese singer made in the United States on the list. Zhang Yixing full song "what U need" open 1 hours, the British and American law and Malaysia, Brazil, Japan and other global trends in Thailand. MV open 21 hours, the amount of overseas official platform YouTube playback will break one million, the amount of play 24 hours of 1 million 230 thousand, the point of praise of 180 thousand. Zhang Yixing on the YouTube platform to break the fastest MV 1 million Chinese singer, while the record SM Entertainment’s first male artist YouTube click on the best results solo. Up to now, the volume of the official domestic song platform has also broken the million mark, and showed a rising trend. "What U need" after the source MV, rushed to occupy Thailand iTunes song list MV ranked first, 1 Turkey list, Japan ranked 5, Canada 16 overall classification ranked 12, Hongkong ranked sixth, Malaysia ranked seventh. At present, the song MV iTunes MV overall standings in the United States has risen to third in the rankings, pop pop music in Europe and the United States ranked second, second only to the king class singer Bruno Mars, called the best singer in the United States China on the list. It is worth mentioning that the song is shown in the iTunes category for Mandopop (Chinese pop), is a song by Zhang Yixing personally lyrics and music arranger production Chinese original song. A song can occupy the list to sweep the multi circle posture, music in the world is also very rare phenomenon. Zhang Yixing is worthy of our China little pride!   相关的主题文章: