A new breakthrough in tax reform deferred pension scheme will be introduced 9c8996

The new breakthrough of tax reform: deferred pension insurance scheme will introduce a new breakthrough in the tax reform: deferred pension insurance scheme will be introduced to the Du Lijuan tax reform plan has not yet been introduced, personal information and research content of the deduction has become the focus of the next step of reform. China business news reporter was informed that the Ministry of Finance on the issue of personal income information has been more than two years time, the current work is still in progress. In the enterprise annuity and personal business insurance has been included in the scope of a tax deductible, the tax deferred pension scheme is also discussed in advance. Since the beginning of the declaration of the first tax deferred pension insurance pilot in Shanghai, the possibility of the introduction of the program is expected during the year, which will become an important breakthrough in the current tax reform. Deferred pension insurance issued "in the content of mortgage interest and pension deduction no clear deduction standard before the tax reform, the combination of comprehensive and classification is hard landing, at this time, the deferred pension insurance if you can smoothly, will become the new progress in tax reform." A tax system, told reporters. The so-called tax deferred pension insurance refers to the use of personal income for the purchase of commercial supplementary pension insurance, the individual income tax should be deferred to the time of withdrawal of the insurance premium. This and the previous tax reform stressed mortgage interest, two children, pension, etc. can be included in the scope of deduction has a similar effect, are conducive to reducing the burden on taxpayers. Yang Zhiyong, researcher at the Institute of finance strategy Chinese Cass believes that from the current situation, deferred pension insurance is a personal tax to pay the premium, the insured, it can enjoy certain preferential tax on the purchase of commercial insurance. As the first pilot cities, Shanghai was high hopes. According to the calculation report of the brokerage sector, if the Shanghai pilot tax deferred pension insurance, a year can bring incremental premium of about 10 billion yuan for Shanghai to spread throughout the country, the annual premium incremental contribution will exceed one hundred billion yuan. Huge market potential to accelerate the introduction of policies. In August 31st, finance minister Lou Jiwei on the implementation of the budget year’s report to the twelve session of the twenty-second meeting of the NPC Standing Committee has proposed to study the personal tax deferred pension insurance business pilot policy. Although Lou Jiwei in the report, did not give a specific timetable, but the research on the insurance industry a high frequency of a number of departments including the Ministry of Finance and the China Insurance Regulatory Commission, has for the work floor to create more possibilities. In August this year, the Ministry of human resources and social insurance management center issued the "development of social insurance China annual report 2015" show that last year the Heilongjiang old-age insurance fund, Liaoning, Jilin, Hebei, Shaanxi and Qinghai 6 provinces urban employees defict is. It is reported that the current amount of personal tax deferred pension insurance to keep the amount of 500 yuan per month ~1000 yuan. Commercial endowment insurance as a supplement has been urgent. Many tax professionals to judge, a tax reform program has been submitted to the State Council, but the parties on the content of the program is still controversial, the Ministry of finance to speed up the research work of deferred pension insurance scheme, expected the possibility of the introduction of the year is)相关的主题文章: