A number of fashion configuration upgrade of the 2017 models of smart SUV debut at the Guangzhou Aut diying

A number of fashion configuration upgrade LUXGEN 2017 SUV and 6 Guangzhou Auto Show debut Beijing – Beijing in November 18, a Chinese called Detroit Guangzhou Guangzhou, 18 annual finale staged car "show" — the fourteenth China (Guangzhou) International Automobile exhibition. Dongfeng Automobile Co. Ltd. as the show is full of new ideas for new upgrade, nouchi 2017 and 6 SUV with the show "new technology, new life" theme is to agree without prior without previous consultation. Science and technology affect life, fashion embellishment life, then technology and fashion will collide what kind of spark? One bright spot: 2017 and 6 SUV are listed, and the evolution of the LUXGEN gifted 6 SUV listed at the beginning of the models in the models and puts forward the concept of the new fashion design idea of cross-border integration, located in a multi consumer use of compact SUV, and puts forward the following 6 Color Run color run, new model contest brand activities as well as the 12 constellation lifestyle concept, both embody the advantages of the 6 models SUV advocate a new concept of fashion. In order to extend the advantages of 6 SUV consistent fashion style, nouchi was upgraded on the star models, the new 2017 models and 6 SUV increased with movement of the steering wheel shift paddles, JBL lift tweeter, intelligent electric tailgate, intelligent cruise control, automatic electric sunroof, iTouch+9 inch smart touch screen with THINK+2.0 the wisdom of interconnected system, and achieve a seamless multi brand intelligent mobile phone with Android and iOS two system platform, easy to enjoy the new fashion of life science and technology. At the same time, equipped with Side View+ car side safety image auxiliary system and the Active Eagle View+ active ring image systems and other intelligent technology, safe travel escort. Configuration upgrade can be described as both soft and hard to meet all your needs for fashion. Highlight two: all models debut, a strong lineup of the booth can be detonated not only 2017 LUXGEN gifted 6 SUV thriving, shortly before the Chengdu auto show new listing 3 is with the Nazhi Dragonfly own big screen, big space, master track development and training of the "three law treasure" for injection youth nouchi booth. In addition, the general director of the G20 summit Zhang Yimou exclusive car LUXGEN MASTER CEO, 7 MPV, 7 big wisdom SUV LUXGEN 7 SUV flagship high-end wisdom and "super wisdom sedan" new Na 5 gathered in the booth. Na Zhijie wisdom family debut, strong lineup is a feast for the eyes. Highlight three: Science and technology fashion show, hey turn the audience it is reported that the times of Zhijie booth with a new fashion design concept, smart design and fashion body lines can experience a full range of models, fashion T "models" show that depending on the sense of fun, all models of Zhongxingpengyue, LUXGEN gifted 6 SUV 2017 shine Guangzhou, booth many fashion elements you find. Na Zhijie takes advantage of the wisdom of genes in cars.相关的主题文章: