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Read, my child and I have received — read "the adventures of Tom Sawyer – Sohu mother read in, my child and I have received — read" Tom Sawyer "by A Fang Mr. Cao Wenxuan once said:" you have to read good books, especially children. One of the works is known as famous, the premise is that it has withstood the test of time long. It has been repeated at the time of the rain erosion and failed to dissolve it light." Today, I and small Z read a Book – "the adventures of Tom Sawyer". I can’t remember when I bought the book. It was on the shelf for a long time. Summer vacation, summer job in the small Z with a recommended reading list of books, including "Tom Sawyer". We picked it up and put it in the reading schedule. Read a novel, small Z read this book; the reason is "adventure" the title of the book, the boy is love adventure, Z is no exception; small Z longing for this work can satisfy his desire. Indeed, this work presents the "adventure" beyond the imagination of Z several times, so he gripped, unable to stop; in this adventure, but also show a small hero kind, brave and good quality. In the process of reading the book, little Z and I had an interesting conversation: Z: "Mom, you read slowly, this story is a place I don’t quite understand." I: "this may be the cause of translation. Although the original author is very famous, but it may not be very good translation. Read the works of foreign writers, and we read the works of Cao Wenxuan feel different ~ small Z: "right! This story is not how to use idioms ~ Oh, found that the story is not how to use idioms?! It is true that there is no use of idioms and allusions in the original works of Chinese writers. Again, I think the foreign works is not easy to read, another reason is that the foreigner’s name is very long, sometimes there is a nickname, sometimes there is a full name, originally is the same person, do not know the name of the foreigner will think it’s two rules. The characters appeared again, different characters also contain some of the same, such as "Indian Joe", "Joe," and so on, are more easily confused. Z and I read this story in the process, sometimes also need to go back to the front to confirm who is. But it doesn’t matter! If the total read no challenging work, but also how to progress? We read, brother Xiaoding is also listening to it! His point of view is different from ours. For example, I am here to read: "to be honest, I don’t know, aunt, the cat probably all so happy." Ding smiled and said: "he said cat!" Cat? Cat?! Haha, Ding recently on English more interested in love, put the words learned in life to show off! This essay is written here, as a memorial book. Note: "in September 20, 2016" Tom Sawyer "is the American literary master Mark Twain’s masterpiece, it depicts nineteenth Century)相关的主题文章: