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Would you like to pay up on Apple’s European Union and Ireland argued Wenwang Vidan Europe "tax war" not only makes the Atlantic of tension between the two sides, but also intensify the contradiction within the eu. Local time Friday night, the Irish cabinet after three days of ministerial talks to reach agreement, the EU asked apple to the Irish back up to 13 billion euros (about $14 billion 500 million) tax ruling will appeal. The cabinet has decided to approve the Irish parliament next Wednesday. However, the British "Guardian" said that this decision has won the support of a number of Irish government stakeholders. "Wall Street journal" reported that members of Parliament can not vote against the government’s proposal. A spokesman for the Irish government said that before the vote next Wednesday, will move to seek support for the cabinet decision. European Union backyard fire: Irish people do not work, according to BBC reports, the Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny after the end of the cabinet meeting, said it would not defend the power of the Irish government’s appeal and apologize. Kenny said: "this is about Ireland, it’s about our people, about our sovereign state, and in fact it determines how we think about our country’s appropriate policies." Irish finance minister Michael Noonan is said that the EU has crossed the attempt to control taxation method, the current regulations in 25 years ago and reached an agreement on apple in ireland. "I believe that this case threatens some very important principles," Noonan said. It raises a legal challenge in court, in essence, to defend the interests of ireland. If the enterprise is facing the tax back to twenty years ago, which investors will come to Europe?" The European Commission: after meeting a spokeswoman for the European Commission, the court said it would defend its decision in court. She also mentioned that after the antitrust investigation in charge of EU competition commissioner Margrethe Vestager had some comments. Vestager said at the time, the decision has been taken into account when the future will go, "that’s why sometimes takes a long time to the end of the survey." Apple: playing politics? We divestment Wall Street informative article mentioned earlier, the EU announced Tuesday Apple tax ruling, apple and Ireland are said to have the decision of the appeal. Apple CEO Cook said on Thursday that he was "very confident" that the appeal would succeed in overthrowing the ruling. He said the ruling political, also hinted that it might be hoarding billions of dollars in overseas earnings back to the United States, said the global market is expected to profit back to the United States next year, there will be billions of dollars in tax withholding". After the European Union announced on Tuesday, Margrethe Vestager said the actual tax rate for Apple’s European market in 2014 was 0.005%. This week, four grams said it was false number. He disclosed that in 2014, Apple’s income tax rate on the global scale is 26.1%, I personally think this is a reasonable level." On Friday, Apple shares closed up about 0.9%, to close at $107.73 per share, the last five!相关的主题文章: