Absolute dry cargo! You don’t know about medical insurance alienware m17x

Absolute dry cargo! You do not know the medical insurance of those things in daily life, we have to pay health insurance every month, the doctor also need to use health insurance, then you have not thought: do you pay a monthly medical insurance really enough? Over so many years of medical insurance, you really understand the medical insurance? This course, I will talk with you and the difference between the basic medical insurance and commercial medical insurance, by contrast analysis tell us why we need commercial medical insurance? And commercial health insurance how to choose? How to buy? How to use it? The following is the official part of the course: the first part of the course, I would like to talk about three topics: what is the basic medical insurance, what is the commercial medical insurance, the advantages of commercial medical insurance. First of all, we need to know what is basic medical insurance. The concept of the basic medical insurance, you may not understand, but when it comes to social security, we should not be unfamiliar, but what is the content of social security in the end, we first briefly introduce: social security by the basic old-age insurance, basic medical insurance, work-related injury insurance, unemployment insurance, maternity insurance is composed of five parts, including the basic medical insurance? Medical insurance for urban workers, medical insurance for urban residents and new rural cooperative medical insurance. Whether you are involved in the medical treatment of urban residents, or a new type of rural cooperative medical care, medical workers and workers are considered to be a social security groups, in the purchase of commercial medical insurance, the same premium. Such an explanation, we should all understand it. Next we introduce commercial medical insurance. As for commercial medical insurance, the popular explanation is that commercial medical insurance is a kind of medical insurance, which is sold by insurance companies. In the insurance product, we often divide the commercial medical insurance into the supplementary medical insurance, the middle end medical insurance and the high end medical insurance. Supplementary medical insurance is characterized by: low cost, but the scope of protection is very small, can only be reimbursed within the cost of medical insurance drugs, medical expenses can not be reimbursed outside the directory, such as imported drugs, etc. can not be reimbursed. Now many companies to employees to buy commercial medical insurance is the supplementary medical insurance. The characteristics of the end of medical insurance is: the price is relatively moderate, the premiums ranging from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. The biggest feature is to release the restrictions on the use of social security drugs can be reimbursed for imported drugs, drugs at their own expense, etc., very suitable for us to use as a supplement to the basic medical insurance. The high-end medical insurance: the biggest feature is the high price in the market for a good price of high-end medical insurance as an example, we can look at this price list: age corresponding to every year of your premium, if you choose "only guarantee the plan at home to see a doctor", a 30 year old man, the annual premium is 22985, is not a "noble" word? Of course, a penny of goods, high-end medical insurance coverage is also very wide, special is to go to a lot of expensive hospital visits, such as the United States, the German hospital, the International SOS clinics, etc.. Understand the basic medical insurance and commercial medical insurance is what, so we have to ask: before answering this question, we first to answer such a question: we often say that it is difficult to see a doctor, the doctor to where? The doctor difficult 1: want to go to Beijing, Shanghai city hospital;相关的主题文章: