Advertising said free camera but hard to close 3800 yuan beauty salons were

Advertising called "free" photography is hard to close 3800 yuan beauty salon was investigated – Beijing, Sichuan online news (reporter Duan Yuqing Zhu Tao) recently, Ziyang City, 12315 command center received consumer complaints with mandatory consumer complaints of beauty salons. It turned out that the public Yang in Ziyang, Yanjiang, a beauty salon to see the store to play back to the old and new customers, free camera advertising, then into the store photo. After the completion of the phase, Yang was forced to be forced to spend more than 3800 yuan in the store to take photos. Yang believes that the existence of fraud behavior of the beauty salon, then call 12315 hotline complaints. After receiving the complaint, Ziyang 12315 complaints command center platform in accordance with the principle of territorial jurisdiction, the complaint will be transferred to the Yanjiang Bureau of industry and Commerce Bureau of lion hill investigation. Then, the lion mountain and the staff interviewed the parties understand the specific situation, and according to the "industrial and commercial administrative departments to handle consumer complaints procedures" related regulations, to the beauty salon operators to preach the "Regulations of People’s Republic of China consumer protection law", and pointed out that the beauty salon in providing services to consumers in the existing problems. By industry and Commerce staff patiently explained, the beauty salon operators to recognize their own problems. Finally, after mediation, the parties voluntarily reach agreement: the beauty to send consumers a 20 inch crystal frame, and returned to the consumer 3800 yuan in cash. It is understood that in the complaint, because the beauty salon is suspected of violating the "People’s Republic of China consumer protection law", violations of the consumer to choose the right goods or services and even bargain rights, the business sector will also be on the shop for investigation. Currently, the case is under further investigation.相关的主题文章: