After the earthquake in Lushan Bai Gang Village Thanksgiving run off antik

After the earthquake, the Lushan Bai Huo Cun grateful ran off in Beijing Ya’an September 12th news (reporter Yan Yan?) only grateful, to go further. This is a true portrayal of the Lushan earthquake survivors in Longmen Xiang Bai Gang village. Three years ago, here is the origin of the earth’s tear; after three years, the rural fields neat red house, a beautiful ecological environment of the park, the land of the amazing changes. If not in front of the village, "white village" signs, also thought to be exposed to the economically developed town. White Gang village new style. Photography? Yan Yan with exploring the mind the reporter took a turn around in the village, the deepest impression is the ubiquitous slogans of thanksgiving. A difficult one, help comes from all quarters. Bai Huo Cun can become so good, cannot do without the support of the community and care." 59 year old reconstruction cadres Wang Zongyuan full of gratitude to this sentence. And folks repay kindness with slogans written on the most prominent position in the village: "wait, do not rely on, do not complain, do their own thing"! Lushan County, Longmen township party secretary Chen Gang interview with the online media group. Photography? Yan Yan to rebuild homes, Bai Huo Cun build around the town tourism, "the countryside of red house, a tourist line pearl" concept, to promote the new rural construction of a high standard, promote urban and rural housing reconstruction, reconstruction of public services, infrastructure reconstruction, industrial reconstruction and ecological reconstruction — the "five reconstruction of Lushan earthquake" changed the face of fundamental reconstruction, a beautiful new home happy. In accordance with the "company + cooperatives + farmers" cooperative business model, to "transfer guarantee, profit sharing" as the basic principle, the land transfer to farmers’ cooperatives, cooperatives of the land transfer to the leading enterprises, to achieve industrial scale development, the establishment of Tourism Alliance, focus on the development of rural tourism. Be thankful and down-to-earth, Longmen Bai Huo Cun making strides towards a well-off road. Lushan Longmen County township party secretary Chen Gang told reporters: "after three years of efforts, the earthquake has" ashes ", from" Longmen Township three years basically completed "to" five years, seven years across the whole synchronization off. "." Located in the village of Thanksgiving Gallery photography? Is located in the village of Yan Yan Yan Yan   photography gallery of Thanksgiving?;相关的主题文章: