Anhui Mount Jiuhua crackdown black black chaos –

Anhui Mount Jiuhua crackdown "black black" chaos – Beijing recently, there are media reports of traffic control in Mount Jiuhua scenic area can spend hill, posing as staff car led burn incense at high prices travel chaos, Mount Jiuhua scenic area attaches great attention to actively carry out rectification. Scenic Public Security Bureau in the CCTV news reports, immediately formed a task force to carry out the investigation, quickly identify the parties to use the illegal facts after the lifting of traffic control fraud. The police at 28 am each other to make the punishment of administrative detention for 15 days, and the night sent to Chizhou City Detention execution, recovery of illegal income 200 yuan. The staff report hailed the lead as burn incense at high prices Wang Moumou illegal, Qingyang County police also investigated and punished according to law. In recent years, Mount Jiuhua scenic area always adhere to the problem oriented, in view of the weak links of tourism market exposure induces all aspects of combing tourist traffic, environmental sanitation, public toilet, logo signs, parking lot, business environment, market order, and one by one clear rectification measures, the time limit for rectification and accountability unit, establish special inspection and record the pin number working mechanism.相关的主题文章: