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Beijing: police station tomorrow formally accepted to apply for a residence permit in Beijing, Channel original title: out from the police station to apply for a residence permit formally accepted the newspaper news (reporter Liu Suya) according to the "Beijing implementation of the" Provisional Regulations "residence permit", the city since October 1, 2016 the formal implementation of the residence permit system. "Beijing temporary residence registration and residence permit implementation rules (for Trial Implementation)" (referred to as the "rules") at the same time the formal implementation. Laijingrenyuan shall declare temporary registration within 3 days, to live more than six months and meet the conditions, can apply for the "residence permit" to the local police station. At the same time, the police station will stop the temporary residence permit business. The "rules" provisions, the police station in charge of personnel within the jurisdiction of Beijing "residence permit" for acceptance, endorsement, issuance, renewal, replacement, alteration, cancellation and other documents management. Responsible for the management of work flow tube station to Beijing personnel within the jurisdiction to declare temporary registration and "residence registration cards" issued, endorsement, renewal, replacement, alteration, cancellation and other documents. From tomorrow, the city public security organs 346 household registration police station will be officially accepted Laijingrenyuan Beijing to apply for the "residence permit"; by October 8th, the first public security organs entrusted by the 346 floating population and rental housing service station will come for temporary registration, and the issuance of "housing registration card", the card will be in Beijing staff have to declare temporary registration certificate. The "rules" requirements, the city Laijingrenyuan shall arrive within 3 days from the date to the local flow tube station to declare temporary registration, receive the "residence registration card". Temporary residence registration should provide proof of identity, proof of residence in Beijing and the recent white one inch photos. The "residence registration card" from the date of issue or endorsement is valid for six months, quasi continuous living in Beijing, in 30 days before the expiration to the relevant procedures to the flow tube station procedures for endorsement. Beijing Laijingrenyuan living more than 6 months, and meet in Beijing, there is a legitimate and stable employment, stable legal residence, one of the conditions of continuous studying, can apply to the local public security police station "residence permit". To apply for the "residence permit" I need to provide proof of identity, a full six months within the validity period of the "residence registration card" or "temporary residence permits", a legitimate and stable employment, stable legal residence, proof of continuous studying, and the recent white photo. The "residence permit" from the date of issue or endorsement is valid for one year, quasi continuous living in Beijing, should be 30 days before expiration to the relevant formalities to the police station to apply for visa procedures. Laijingrenyuan to declare temporary registration, apply for a residence permit in Beijing city and for the change, endorsements and other formalities in the process, should be responsible for the authenticity and legality of the submitted documents to prove that the. For the first time to apply for the "residence permit", waive the fee for documents, for the endorsement, the formalities are not charged for replacement, should pay the fee. The specific charging method shall be formulated by the municipal finance department and the competent pricing department. The death of the witness or the registered permanent residence in Beijing, or other statutory circumstances should be canceled, after verification by the public security organs to cancel the residence registration card or residence permit. Minors under 16 years of age, the mobility of the elderly and the disabled, etc.相关的主题文章: