Beijing – VIDEO – famous writer Beicun open shop promotion hometown of agricultural

Beijing – VIDEO – famous writer Beicun open shop promotion hometown of agricultural products well-known writer Beicun open shop promotion hometown of agricultural products [comment] with the development of modern business model, the Internet has become more and more people preferred to shop, but the writer open shop is relatively rare. Famous for the movie "Zhou Yu’s train" writer Fujian Longyan Ji village, at the end of July this year opened shop, promotion of agricultural products home, attracted a lot of attention. [comment] in the shop opened on the occasion of the full moon, the reporter arrived at the Longyan Changting electronic commerce center of the village natural life museum visits, into the shop to see the staff busy packing Yuba, Kawada and other agricultural products, these are ready to express around the consumer hands. In the product packaging on either text or logo reflects the writer Beicun’s image. The return home Bei Cun said that the promotion of agricultural products due to his natural philosophy of life. [] over the well-known writer in Beijing I insisted on the village of about ten years of this, I called the natural life, because I live in the suburbs of the Badaling Great Wall, where, in that place, our family garden is relatively large, relatively large, then we began to grow vegetables, so basically we usually eat (the dishes are) relates to our own supply. [comment] the most proud of is his home village, haoshanhaoshui gives out the frog River known as one of the world’s five most famous chicken meat is delicious, is a rare delicacy. However, due to strict feeding conditions, yield less. Now on the market are mostly fake, in the years of Kitamura told reporters, he returned home to find authentic Hetian and online sales, to the hometown of Kawada Mana. [] over the well-known writer to such a memory of hometown village, you know, I’m in Hetian (Longyan Changting), I was ten years old (in Hetian) grew up, in order to put this town on the tip of the tongue is not the tongue of memory, nostalgia memory, put it (Hetian) recommend out, so I think this is a very good chance. [comment] good products also need to expand sales channels, for a long time, Hetian sales have been limited to local, therefore, Beicun thought is the use of modern logistics, the home products from the paper "nostalgia" into online delicacy. [] over the well-known writer Bei Cun commodity operating Yetai have changed, the Internet of things, the whole logistics development level, has been completely make the store into a state, is basically a business state, who do not adapt to the East and the west, who has no way to catch up with the trend. [comment] since the shop a month, his shop has received many orders across the country, high quality products and efficient logistics to win the trust of consumers, good stuff is sold at good prices. Kitamura hope home Hetian can by the electricity supplier this trend, fly higher and farther. Reporter Li Siyuan Fujian, Longyan reports相关的主题文章: